SEO Case Studies

We provide Creative SEO Strategies that accomplish Optimization Goals. SEO isn’t just about being visible, it’s also about creating an angle Search Engines understand at the same time appealing to your target audience

Cayman Luxury Property Group has been our Client since 2008.  In the 10 years of being their Website Developers and SEO Consultants we have watched them grow from a two-person Real Estate Team to a Full Service Boutique Real Estate Company rivaling International Franchises in the Cayman Islands.  We like to believe that we had something to do with their success but believe us, we are only as good as our clients.  We are very proud to be their SEO Partner and dedicated Web Developers.  

Online Ranking Facts for CLPG 2018 

  • The only real estate company on the first page for “cayman islands,” which gets over 2 Million yearly searches
  • Top 3 for “Condos on Seven Mile Beach for sale” and Pioneered Online Efforts   
  • First Page Ranking for all related real estate searches for the Cayman Islands

Living the Dream Divers have been our clients for over 5 years.  When we took over their website they were on the second page of most of their keyword searches.  They also had a lot of penalties.  We removed all the penalties associated with their website and now their website can be found on the first page of all their keyword searches.  

Online Ranking Facts for January, 2019 

  • Currently the highest ranking local dive company (#1 US) for the biggest Cayman Diving keyword, “grand cayman diving” which gets 1,300 monthly searches on Google
  •  Currently the highest ranking local dive company (#1 US) for “grand cayman dive shops” which get 1,000 monthly searches 
  •  Currently the highest ranking local dive company (#1 US) for “grand cayman dive operators” which get 390 monthly searches

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