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We don’t just build Websites with SEO. We build an Online Experience that helps Users understand your service, product and brand. In that way they buy into your Vision — not just a one-off sale but a lifetime customer


Technical SEO

We are the only Web Company that integrates Technical SEO

Technical SEO

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We provide Website Audits that will provide invaluable insights


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Aside from High Organic Rankings on the SERPS

San Jose SEO

SEO Expert and Consultant for San Jose

We provide San Jose SEO Services to businesses who want to increase their online visibility as well as increase their online revenues. We do this by enabling websites to have high conversion rates. WOWebsites is a Digital Marketing Firm with a strong focus on SEO. We focus on building an Online presence that is centered on User-Intent. The more we understand why Users are searching for a keyword, the higher our Click-Through-Rates are and the lower the bounce rates. That is always the goal when building an online experience. Below are the SEO Services that we provide in San Jose.

San Jose SEO Services

We provide the following SEO Services in San Jose, CA

Website Audit

The first step in understanding your industry, your website and your competitors is via a website audit. Your audit will include recommendations on how to enable your website to adhere to Technical SEO. We will also include recommendations on website content and link analysis and building.

Keyword Research

Knowing your keywords and understanding User-Intent around each keyword and/or key phrase is our goal. In each campaign we target atleast 200 keywords per website at a minimum.  We provide keyword research and discover to find all your keywords including long-tail, seasonal, evergreen and fresh keywords.

Landing Page Optimization

We will enable your website to have complete on-page SEO requirements. This includes complete meta data, duplicate and thin content, keyword integration, correct URL structures, alt text… etc. Essentially ensuring all your content is User-Friendly. We will also ensure Users are able to trust your landing pages for  high conversion rates.

Technical SEO

We will integrate Technical SEO to your website to ensure that the Search Engines can crawl, index and categorize all your pages appropriately. Technical SEO is one of the foundations of Optimization and probably the most important aspect to Web Development.  Our main focus will be to ensure your website is fast both on mobile and desktops.

Link Management

We will audit both your internal and external links and ensure that they are all working to help improve your online visibility.  For all your external backlinks, we will make sure that they are all beneficial for your industry and brand.  For all your internal links, we will make sure that you have no orphaned pages.

Top Searches for San Jose

Did you know that “san jose” receives 450,000 searches monthly? Thats almost half a million searches per month. Imagine if your business was exposed to that much traffic — what would it mean for your business? Well, for one thing, you would probably never have to worry about getting new customers! Although, FYI, showing up for “san jose” probably isn’t the best use of your time and money. As your SEO Company we would perform keyword discovery and find out which keywords your target market is looking for and optimize for that. Below are the keywords for the more popular industries in San Jose, CA.

Keywords for San Jose SEO Clients in the Accommodation Sector

Below are the keywords for hotels and accommodations for San Jose, CA

  • san jose hotels / 49,500 ave monthly searches
  • downtown san jose hotels / 3,600
  • hotels near san jose airport / 3,600
  • hotels san jose ca / 2,400
  • cheap hotels in san jose / 2,400
  • hotels near san jose convention center / 1,900
  • motels in san jose / 1,900
  • cheap hotels in san ose ca / 1,300
  • hotels near san jose / 1,000
  • hotel near sap center san jose / 1,000
  • cheap motels in san jose / 880

Pls note that this keyword list does not include branded searches. If you would like to see branded keywords, let me know.

Keywords for San Jose SEO Clients in the Restaurant Business

Here are the top unbranded keyword searches for the Restaurant industry in San Jose

  • san jose restaurants / 27,100 ave monthly searches
  • best restaurants in san jose / 6,600
  • downtown san jose restaurants / 6,600
  • san jose mexican restaurant / 5,400
  • willow glen restaurants / 2,900
  • sushi san jose / 2,900
  • san jose food / 2,900
  • san jose mexican / 1,900
  • restaurants in san ose ca / 1,900
  • indian restaurants in san jose / 1,900
  • brunch san jose / 1,600
  • buffet san jose / 1,600
  • places to eat in san jose / 1,600

Keywords for San Jose SEO Clients in Real Estate

Below are the top searches for Real Estate in San Jose, CA

  • house for sale in san jose / 5,400 ave monthly searches
  • homes for sale in san jose ca / 3,600
  • san hose homes for sale / 3,600
  • houses for sale in san jose ca / 3,600
  • san jose real estate / 1,900
  • mobile homes for sale in san ose ca / 1,300
  • willow glen homes for sale / 480
  • san jose ca real estate / 480
  • san jose realtor / 390
  • mls listings san jose / 390
  • houses for sale in san jose ca 95127 / 320
  • land for sale in san jose ca / 260

Whatever your industry, we can can in improving your online visibility and more importantly, we can help in increasing your conversion rates and online revenues.