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Introducing the only Web Package that integrates Advanced Technical SEO for only $2,500. Your Website will not only look professional, but it will also be Highly Visible, User-Friendly and most importantly it will be able to attract Quality Inquiries that lead to Increased Online Sales

The Web + SEO Package for Serious Business Owners

Simply Better Websites

Fast Loading Websites

If your web page doesn’t load within three seconds, you would’ve lost 40% of your Users. Imagine that.  So we focus on Speed. We ensure your website for Mobile and Desktop load within required parameters by both Users and Search Engines

Optimized Landing Pages

Your landing page has One Job — to convert Users into Clients.  If its not doing that then perhaps its time to find a Company that can help increase your conversion rates. (Ehem)

Web + SEO Package

Let’s face it, you are too busy running your business to worry about two separate vendors.  Thats why we’ve created this package — its to help Business Owners focus on running their business! We will focus on increasing your Online Visibility and Online Sales Revenue.  

Already have a Website? Only want SEO Services

If you already have a website and only want us to do your SEO, Please get in touch. We are the no.1 SEO Company in the Caribbean and Northern VA. Top ranking for “Florida SEO” and “Washington DC SEO”  — there is no other Company that is as qualified as we are in increasing your Online Sales Revenue.

Professional Website Costs and Considerations

A Website that looks Professional and attracts qualified traffic costs $5,000 at a minimum.  Simply Better Websites packages both the Web Design and Technical SEO integration for only $2,500 — it’s the best Website Package thats currently available in the market. The only viable alternative would be for you to make your own website using a DIY software but you would have to be an Expert at SEO to enable your website to be visible on the Search Engines.  If you don’t understand SEO then it may be a waste of your time because no one will be able to find it.  

Below are some elements that we include into your $2,500 Website Package.  Bear in mind that the Simply Better Websites has limitations.  It’s ideal for websites that are not in competitive industries.  Its ideal for Business Owners who are serious about growing their business online but don’t have the initial 10k investment. In this way, you are building your website correctly from the beginning and simply adding on to it as you go along.  You, focus on your business and Offline Sales and we’ll focus on your Online Visibility.  Think of us as our very own Web Department without the crazy overhead.  Only pay for services when you need us.  The good news is that we are open 24/7.  If you are unsure about the limitations of our Simply Better Website Package or for any questions, contact us directly at [email protected]

Web Project Inclusions

Site Audit

This is a report that documents our starting point and provides insights into your Competitors, your industry and strengths

Technical SEO Integration

We will integrate Technical SEO into your website and this includes a myriad of elements all working together to make your website visible

Page Speed

We will ensure your website loads faster than your competitors because Users don’t like to wait

Landing Page Optimization

In additional to Technical SEO, we will ensure that your landing pages are able to convert User into Clients otherwise, whats the point?

Site Architecture

Site Architecture is when we ensure that each page on your website is a landing page from the Search Engines. We organize it neatly in silos.

Internal Link Management

We provide internal and external link management and we ensure that all your links are working for you and are beneficial

User-Friendly Website

We also ensure that your bounce-rates are low. Bounce rates are when Users literally bounce off or exit the page that they just entered.

Keyword Research

We Knowing your keywords, your competitors keywords and what Users search for are all important pegs in building your website

What our Clients say About Us

ERA Cayman Islands

WOWebsites re-designed and developed our Real Estate Site. We could not be happier with the results. Not only does our site look fantastic it is on the first page of all our key words. We are constantly getting complements on the look and the functionality of our site.

Living the Dream Divers

We have trusted Fevi and her team for over 5 years. With WOWebsites partnership we have built and maintained our website. They are the best in the business. 24 hour friendly support.

Scootens Scooters

Our very small enterprise experienced significant growth when we decided to enlist the help of WOWebsites in 2010. In addition to developing our ScootenScooters site. WOWebsites has helped us learn how to maintain the site and has linked us to social media. The team is creative and the turnaround time is impressively quick.

Solomon Harris

We have come to rely on the WOW team for all of our internet related issues ver the past 5 years, including using Web 2.0 tools and social media. We trust them implicitly for expert advice and guidance and the team is incredibly responsive and a pleasure to interact with. We highly recommend working with them.

Cobalt Coast

We are a small boutique hotel that achieved big league status with Fevi's SEO skills and her team's assistance in keeping our website looking fresh, current and relevant. She provided answers and guided us to take advantage of the best options available.

Stepping Stones

Working with Fevi is always a pleasure. She is very creative, effective and delivers. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


Fevi's talks are always deeply insightful and educational. She possesses an impressive wealth of knowledge about all things SEO and Internet Marketing and will teach even the most accomplished digital media expert a thing or two.

Cayman Auto Rentals

WOWebsites have been managing our Web presence for over 5 years now and we have been #1 for our keyword. We get alot of inquiries online and its the only marketing we need.

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