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Top Keywords for the Cayman Islands Tourism Industry

Here are the top keywords for the Cayman Islands (Monthly average searches).  These keywords are from Google Keyword planner and they are searches that real Users are actually typing on Google when they are doing their research prior to coming to the Island.  If you are running a Cayman SEO campaign it would be beneficial if you requested for current keywords for your industry.

  • cayman islands /246,000
  • grand cayman /90,500
  • cayman island /40,500

If you tallied the amount of searches and tallied the amount of visitors the Cayman Islands receives in a yearly basis, the rough numbers are not too far apart.  That tells us that Users are doing their online research before coming to the island.  Visitors already book the hotels, plan their activities and know which companies.   That’s why SEO is so important for tourism-based businesses.  If your website isn’t visible on the Search Engines, its going to be more challenging to get new customers.

Top Keywords for Cayman’s Real Estate Industry

  • cayman islands real estate /2,900
  • grand cayman real estate /2,400
  • cayman island real estate /1,300
  • cayman real estate /1,000
  • real estate cayman islands /590
  • cayman islands real estate for sale /480
  • cayman brac real estate /320
  • grand cayman homes for sale /320
  • grand cayman condos for sale /320
  • cayman islands homes for sale /260
  • cayman islands real estate for sale /260
  • homes for sale in grand cayman /210

Top Keywords for Cayman’s Scuba Diving Industry

  • grand cayman diving /720
  • grand cayman scuba diving /480
  • diving grand cayman /480
  • scuba diving grand cayman /390
  • diving in grand cayman /140
  • scuba grand cayman /140
  • grand cayman scuba /140
  • grand cayman dive operators /140
  • shore diving grand cayman /70
  • grand cayman dive packages /50

Top Keywords for Cayman Accommodations

  • grand cayman hotels /6,600
  • grand cayman resorts /6,600
  • cayman islands resorts /6,600
  • grand cayman all inclusive /3,600
  • cayman islands vacation /2,400
  • hotels in grand cayman /1,900
  • cayman islands hotels /1,600
  • hotels grand cayman /1,600
  • hotels grand cayman /1,600
  • grand cayman rentals /590

If your industry isn’t included on this list, please get in touch and we will gladly give you your keywords.  Here is more information about SEO Campaigns and the different types we provide.

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