Create a Website Without Wasting Time and Resources
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Create a Website Without Wasting Time and Resources

We get a lot of inquiries daily, about getting a website developed because they just started their business yesterday.   So, this blog is a general way to respond to everyone who wants a website without wasting time and resources, your most precious commodities.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: April 8, 2021

When to get a website professionally built

People think that when they get a new website, it automatically starts generating revenue.  That’s not always the case.  Unless you spend big money on Online Ads, the chances of your new website generating sales is close to zero.

Through the years and even based on our own experience, when starting a business,  a website is not the first thing you need.  Sure, if you are a startup or tech-based then yes and if that’s the case, we are not the developers for you.  Our niche is in helping businesses grow, essentially that means the business already exists and has a target market.  It’s a business that’s probably been online for a year or two and knows that they can take in or accept more clients without sacrificing service or product quality.

The first thing you need when starting a business is clients or, essentially, sales/revenue.  If you were born with a silver spoon then this might not be a priority, but if your objective is to be cash positive eventually, your focus should be on clients.  Think of your website as a sales tool but it’s not your only sales tool, your very first sales tool, is you.

Once you’ve established some level of cash flow by creating a unique product that the market needs, then you can start thinking about getting a website professionally built.  That’s where we come in and that’s the best time to get help increasing your sales revenue.  We help by increasing sales using websites as the sales tool.

Please note, prior to getting a professional website, you can simply get a one-pager from any of the DIY website makers such as SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, etc. — again, dont focus on getting your sales from that initial website, you will be wasting your time.  We strongly recommend getting a business domain for your emails because it looks more professional and will probably help in getting real-time sales.  Focus on getting real-time sales from your business contacts, friends and family, and even the Chamber and other Associations.  This is a good rule of thumb:  if your friends or family won’t buy your service, no one else will.  If you can’t convince your immediate circle to get inside your rocketship, starting a business might not be for you.

Nobody wants to be the guinea-pig

Why do you need clients before getting a website?  The short answer is because no one wants to be a guinea pig.  Everyone, at least the majority of Online Users, want to work with businesses that have been serving the industry for years/decades.

Also, when you have reviews and testimonials on your website, from real users (emphasis on real users), your conversion rates increase.  A conversion happens when a User on your website does any of the following:

  • Sends an Inquiry
  • Makes a Booking
  • Calls to Enquire / Make a Booking
  • Emails to Enquire / Make a Booking

If you don’t have testimonials on your website or Social Media websites, it’s going to be very difficult for a User to trust your business and services.

Get a Professional Website when you are happy with your Product or Service

A Website increases sales.  So prior to increasing sales, you need to ensure that your product or service is as close to perfect as possible so that your clients keep coming back to you. Also, you have to ensure that your deliverables are fast, accurate, and streamlined.  That’s why we always inform our clients to not worry about the website as much as they should be worrying about their product or service.  As your Website / Online Partners, we will make sure your business is represented well online — as the business owner, you need to make sure your product deliverables, project management (when applicable) and customer service exceed client expectations.

Checklist of when to get a Professional Website

Before you get a Professional Website done, the objective of which is to increase sales, you need to ensure the following:

  • You have existing clients who are happy to provide testimonials
  • You have Cashflow to sustain your business
  • Your product has a unique selling point
  • You have streamlined your sales and delivery process for a quick turnaround

Once you have checked all the boxes, the details below include our Website Development process.  It is a process that we have streamlined throughout the years based on our client’s recommendations and requirements.

First things First in Web Design

When you have all that squared away, the first thing you will need to do is to complete a design brief.   In our order form, we incorporate questions that help us understand what your aesthetics are.   Oh but let me also mention that you will need to have your branding done:  ie. logo, color scheme prior to coming to us.  We will incorporate these design elements into your web design.

The most important aspect of your design brief is sending us three (3) design pegs that you like and why.  Based on your answers, we will provide an initial design draft within 7 to 10 days.   Here is the rest of our web development process.

Optimized Web Design

During the design process, we will also meet with the client a few times to discuss Menu or more particularly, Site Navigation.  Site Navigation is probably the most overlooked part of the Web design process.  Developers don’t really understand the importance of Site Nav but thankfully we are an SEO Company so we know and place a lot of importance in the Menu creation process.  We also integrate Industry keywords and key phrases as well as LSI-related keywords.

Once the site navigation has been approved by the client, we integrate it into the design draft and present both to the client for approval.  Once approved, we begin building the internal pages as well as integrate whatever plugins and security plugins that the clients need.

Part of our Basic package includes Technical SEO integration and this is what really sets us apart from other Web and SEO Companies.  Check out all the inclusions of our Basic Package.  The Client will have to provide all the information/content/graphics we will need to build the website.  Once complete, we will be launching the website and lastly, we include the following services:

  • Page Speed — we make sure your website loads within 4 seconds.
  • Browser Compatibility — ensure your website looks the same in all browsers including mobile
  •  Final Quality Assurance or QA — we ensure your website looks great and works well

As soon as we launch the website, you can expect inquiries within a couple of weeks.  Some of our clients who have older domains receive inquiries instantly.  It really depends on how long your domain has been alive (also equivalent to the number of years your business has been in existence).   You can see that our Basic Package has a trajectory that only an SEO Campaign can rival.

Focus on your product/service and we will take care of your website / online presence —  that’s how to create an effective website without wasting time and resources.

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