Facebook makes significant change to boosted posts
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Facebook makes significant change to boosted posts

June 12, 2016, Facebook makes significant change to boosted posts

Fevi Yu
Date Published: June 13, 2016

Facebook made a significant change to their boosted posts yesterday, June 12, 2016.  It is significant for Small Business and Startup Advertisers because it removed the ability of Advertisers to invite Users to like their page after they have liked the post.   In this screenshot below all these “Add Friend” buttons use to be “Invite” and this function is so valuable to Small Business and Startups.

For Facebook to change this option to “Add Friend” doesn’t make any sense because this is a business Facebook page so why would a business page want to “make friends?”  I am hoping of course that this is a glitch of some sort and that Facebook figures it out and reverts it back.  Please, FACEBOOK, don’t ask us to pay for audience that we already paid for.   We already pay twice for page likes and the pay again for boost likes so asking us, specifically Small Business and Startups to pay again (thrice) isn’t right.
The change only affects Facebook page owners who are actively promoting their boosts. It does not affect anyone else using Facebook.

Facebook for Small Business

I am an active advertiser on Facebook and my biggest budget yearly is always Facebook.  It use to be Google but after the fiasco, its just harder to trust Google.  I enjoy the interaction of my target market and direct customers on Facebook and  its ability to put a face to the voice.
But recently I realized that Facebook was double charging.  First it charges you to promote your business via likes.  Thats the first payment.  The second payment comes when you actually have to boost your post just so the same users you already paid for can see your new posts.  And now this.  Again, I am hoping against hope that this was a mistake and the function of “Invite” gets reverted.

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