Client Hosting Agreement

When signing the web development contract with WOWebsites, we will automatically include Hosting unless otherwise stipulated. Hosting is renewable yearly.

Below are the Terms and Considerations:

  • Length of Hosting Period:  12 months, client will receive an invoice prior to each hosting year. 
  • Automatic Renewal:  Hosting is automatically renewable yearly unless client cancels the service
  • Termination:  Client can terminate the hosting contract and provide notice atleast 30 days
  • Fees associated with Hosting:  Fees are CI$ 25 for every 100MB of storage.  WOWebsites will inform the client before sending out an invoice if Fees have increased
  • 24/7 Support:  WOWebsites will provide 24/7 support to all websites hosted in our server
  • Dedicated Server:  WOWebsites maintains that the server is dedicated and not shared with unknown entities
  • Yearly Update:  WOWebsites ensures the yearly updates of Servers and Websites to ensure security
  • Security: WOWebsites will ensure that when and if cyber attacks occur, it will work tirelessly to remove, cleanse and protect the website.  Additional fees may be incurred for website that have been under cyberattack. When and if that occurs, the client will be notified and recommendations will be provided to help ensure security moving forward.
  • Since the hosting environment is susceptible to various malware and viruses, once your website is hosted on the WOWebsites server, no other developer will be allowed access to the FTP.  If you would like to work with another developer, we can provide the website in a zip file at no cost to the client. 
  • Ownership:  The client who has fully paid for the website owns the website hosted on the WOWebsites server
  • Censorship:  WOWebsites will not control the content passing through the network, email or website
  • Exclusivity:  Only websites that WOWebsites builds will be hosted on the server.  There are no exceptions as we strive to maintain a relevant, powerful and dedicated hosting service.
  • Disputes: The standard dispute in most agreements
  • Indemnification:  The standard indemnification in most agreements