The Story of the Basic Website Package
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The Story of the Basic Website Package

When I first started in the SEO Industry back in 2008, I worked for someone else. That Company offered SEO and Web design as two separate services, I would be servicing the SEO clients and someone else would be servicing the Web design clients. It worked well and brought business to that company. The issue was when Small Business Owners didn't have $10k as an initial spend to grow their business online.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: August 26, 2021

Anyway, in some of my meetings, I encountered these amazing, product-focused and service-oriented Small Business Owners who wanted to change the world. (I think thats what I love most about servicing clients — the daily inspiration of helping them change the world through their product / service) But most of them were just starting out and couldn’t afford both services so they would just get web design and leave it at that. Even today, that is the norm — Web design is a separate service from SEO.

Here is a primer if you don’t understand why SEO is an integral part of Web design.

When I eventually ventured out on my own, I wanted to create a product that combined Web and SEO as one service with one low price. It took us a couple of years but eventually we were able to figure out how to streamline the process of building a website with enough technical SEO integration to rank as soon as it launched. We also integrated conversion metrics to ensure that our client’s websites received quality inquiries. We are working on eventually automating this entire process.

Fast forward to this year and we’re starting to slowly introduce it to market. We’ve made more improvements and better understand our capabilities so here we are… introducing the Basic Website Package — the ONLY web package in the world that can increase your search engine visibility and quality of inquiries as soon as it is launched!**

If you need a website — this one is for you! And, oh yes, the Technical SEO integration that normally costs $5k — is free!

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