Whats the difference b/w a Cheap website vs. a Professional one?
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Whats the difference b/w a Cheap website vs. a Professional one?

For the longest time, our websites have been priced at $6,500 and we have gotten a reputation of being "expensive" but its not true at all. The reason we charge $6500 for a website is because we include Technical SEO requirements. The website that you purchased for $3,999 does not include any Technical SEO or any features that enable it to be Search Engine Friendly. The design might even be a custom template so really, the truth is, the $3,999 is probably more expensive than the $6500 because an Optimized Website will, at the very least, get your money back.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: March 8, 2017

$5,000 vs. $6500 Website Package


Basic Website

Optimized Website




CMS Integration (WordPress, Joomla)



Live development site



Content transfer (from old site)






Google Analytics



5 Functional Components



Mobile Website



Blog Component






50 Pages (Drop or Manual transfer)






Parent Pages H1



Parent Title



Parent Meta Description



Social Media Integration



XML Sitemap



Training Manual



Site Architecture



Keyword Research



Premium Hosting (1 year)



Server Side Analytics



Site: Search



Online Competitive Research






Website Backup



Meta Data



Canonical URLS



Mobile Speed



Semantic Structure



On Page Optimization



Optimized URLs



5 Major Landing Page Optimization



Site Content Check



Keyword Check



Duplicate Content



Optimized Code



Search Console



Internal Linking Structure



Proper Redirects






CSS/ HTML Minification



Optimized Images for Search



Demographic Tracking



CMS Training (1 hour)






Revelation of our Website Packages

There is no one article about whats included in Technical SEO and instead you have to read and understand perhaps over 50 articles about the different aspects of Search Engine Optimization, plus the variants of each algorithm. You would have to browse quite a few long articles to understand what Technical SEO requirements are. We are talking about decades of understanding the Search Engines. Most developers don’t understand Search Engine requirements because its a completely different field from Web Development just like Web design is a different field from Web Development. Its almost impossible to find one person that can do design, development and SEO. If you find that person, I bet they are probably good at one thing more than the others.
We have never revealed our packages before because we know how easy it is for other companies, other web developers, to copy our process and what goes into an Optimized package. That’s why we are not including every Technical SEO aspect on the table but instead a glimpse. We’re also intentionally vague. If you need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Choose a Website Package that’s right for you

If you currently already have a website and you would like us to optimize it, please ask for a quote. If you are a brand, you might not need as many Technical SEO aspects and you might need less so please let us know and we will do an audit on your website.

$5,000 Template Websites

We have launched the Website Templates section where you can purchase a Basic Website package for only $5,000. We’ve even incorporated payment plans for as low as $1,000 deposit — we are switching strategies because want to help your business grow from the ground up. Plus with a the advent of Social Media, it just makes sense. A lot of our clients started from their homes / garages and some of them are now successful small businesses. We want to continue that tradition by providing Website packages that wont hurt your pocket and build on that relationship. We hope you love it!

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