Price Increase for Website Support and Maintenance 2022
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Price Increase for Website Support and Maintenance 2022

This is a Company Announcement, March 2022 -- effectively increasing our support and maintenance rates.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: March 18, 2022

Maintenance Rates

We are increasing our support and maintenance rates for all our services, across the board today, March 21, 2022.   We haven’t increased our rates for over five years and this has been due since March 2020.

Our hourly maintenance rates moving forward will be at US $120 / hour.  This can be broken down into 15-minute work orders.

This price increase, effectively brings our maintenance rates to:

60 minutes = $120

30 minutes = $60

15 minutes = $30

We do not bill for less than a 15-minute maintenance.

For all our other maintenance rates, please check out our rates page.

Please note that for all rates, except for the support rate (mentioned above), there is a minimum of a 1-hour (60-minutes) work order. Also, all rates are in US dollars and are due when invoices are received.

Adding Interest for unpaid Invoices over 60 days 

Moving forward, we will be adding current credit interest rates on unpaid invoices past due of 60 days (2 months).  This include pass due invoices.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

For our SEO and PPC Clients, our maintenance packages can be found here.

For any questions / clarifications, please feel free to email us:

Thank you for your continued business, we appreciate it!

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