Top Tourism Keywords for the Bahamas, 2018
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Top Tourism Keywords for the Bahamas, 2018

As Tourism continues to increase in the Bahamas, its a good idea to know what Users search for before they come to the Islands.  If your business is in tourism, below are a list of relevant keywords that will prove beneficial if your website is visible for them. For general Tourism inquiries, here are some top keywords for 2018

Fevi Yu
Date Published: January 5, 2018
  • bahamas / 823,000 monthly searches — its important to point out that Google KP informs us that this keyword has very low online competition for Sponsored Ads and suggests a bid of only $1.37.   Only businesses who want to target general search terms and have huge budgets should try to target this.  For all other niche businesses, please target your niche keywords.
  • the bahamas / 49,500 monthly searches
  • bahamas all inclusive / 49,500
  • bahamas vacation / 22,200
  • bahamas resorts / 33,100
  • freeport, bahamas / 33,100
  • bahamas vacation packages / 9,900 — according to Google KP, this keyword has very high online competition for sponsored ads and costs $3.17 per bid.  (Important to note that these bids refer to landing pages that are relevant for each keyword and if a landing page is not relevant, these bids are actually a lot higher)
  • nassau, bahamas / 110,000
  • all inclusive resorts bahamas / 40,500
  • nassau bahamas hotels / 22,200
  • bahamas hotels / 40,500
  • exuma bahamas / 40,500
  • bahamas weather / 60,500
  • bahamas cruise / 90,500 — this keyword is targeted towards cruise ships  and not tourism businesses located in the Bahamas, although indirectly, its possible

We strongly recommend targeting keywords that specifically about your industry, otherwise it gets too expensive and not worth it.   Some of the major keywords above are accommodation related so you belong in the Bahamas accommodation industry, your accommodation should be visible for those keywords.
Below are more keywords for accommodations in the Bahamas.

Websites that belong to the Accommodations Industry should take note of these keywords for 2018:

  •  bahamas resorts / 33,100 monthly searches
  • all inclusive resorts bahamas / 40,500
  • bahama resorts / 2,900
  • nassau bahamas resorts / 5,400
  • atlantis resort bahamas / 18,100 —  brand keyword
  • nassau bahamas hotels / 22,200
  • bahamas hotels / 40,500
  • hotel bahamas / 9,900
  • atlantis hotel bahamas / 14,800 — brand keyword
  • bahamas vacation packages / 9,900

Because of the sheer number of searches, if a client had a limited budget, I would probably not advise to go after these major keywords instead look for long-tail keywords that cost less to optimize for and have audience that’s very specific.

Examples of long-tail keywords for the Bahamas accommodations industry:

  • affordable bahamas resorts / 30 monthly searches — has low online competition
  • bahamas vacation hotels / 110 monthly searches — has low online competition
  • all inclusive package deals to bahamas / 10
  • all inclusive vacation pacakage deals bahamas / 10

It takes time and patience to research long-tail keywords but definitely worth it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want maximum ROI.

Websites in the Scuba Diving Industry in the Bahamas should take note of these keywords for 2018

Website design for the Scuba Diving Industry, Bahamas
Website design for the Scuba Diving Industry, Bahamas

If your website belongs to the dive industry in the Bahamas, here are the keywords to note for 2018

  • bahamas diving / 2,400
  • scuba diving bahamas / 1,300
  • bahamas snorkeling / 1,900
  • nassau scuba diving / 590
  • nassau diving / 590
  • scuba bahamas / 210
  • bahamas shark diving / 880
  • best diving in bahamas / 320
  • nassau bahamas scuba diving / 320

More keywords for more industries in the Bahamas to follow…
In Conclusion: As a tourism business, its important to be visible on the Search Engines such as Google and Bing.  In order for your website to be visible, you need to have good content and a website that has technical SEO integrations, which is what our focus is on.  Please contact us if you are interested to know more about our website packages.

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