Three things you can do to increase the visibility of your Website
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Three things you can do to increase the visibility of your Website

Question from a Client: How do I increase my website ranking on Google, just give me top three (3) things to do please.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: July 18, 2017

Answer: Here are the top 3 things to do to increase your website rank

  1. Know your KEYWORD

    …and place it on the Title, Heading and context of your page.  Without these keywords Google will not know where to properly categorize your website.  Titles and Headings help Google index and categorize your website properly.

    What is a Keyword?  The keyword is what Users (your customers) are searching for on Google.  If you belong to the Real Estate Industry then your keyword will be “location real estate”  for example

    • cayman islands real estate
    • bahamas real estate
    • turks and caicos real estate
    • aruba real estate

    …and so on and so forth.  Bear in mind that knowing your keywords is not the same as keyword stuffing, which you should never do.  Don’t write content that repetitively mentions your keyword as you will get penalized for that.  Instead, write content that is valuable to your users.

    You can check what other keywords to use on your website using Google’s Keyword Planner.

  2. Make sure your Website is Mobile Responsive and FAST.

    You can check your speed and mobile-responsiveness using Google’s page speed  test and Google’s Mobile Friendly test.  If your website is fast but not mobile-responsive you could be missing out on half the visits on your website.

    Studies have shown that a third of Users click off the websites that take over 4 seconds to load and almost half of them click off when the website takes over 7 seconds to load.  Contact your web developer today and request that they make your website mobile responsive and fast.

  3. Create landing pages that are Click-Worthy.

    A landing page is any page that is a direct entrance from Google.  Websites that are not optimized usually only have one landing page and that is the homepage.   If a website has integrated technical SEO requirements, it will usually have quite a few landing pages: make sure each of them are click-worthy!

    What is click-worthiness?  It is the ability of a page to engage users to click through to another page within the website.  Here is an example below:  The keyword is “condos on seven mile beach for sale”  and the first website for that keyword is:

Landing page for "Condos on Seven Mile Beach for sale"

Landing page for “Condos on Seven Mile Beach for sale”

Once a User lands on the page, they will automatically click-through to the price range that they are looking for. Bear in mind that creating all these pages took over a month.  Its not easy to create click-worthy pages but its definitely worth it because the longer a User spends on your time, the more favorable it is for your Search Engine Ranking.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Consults are always free.

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