Site Operator on reveals tons of 404’s

Site Operator on reveals tons of 404’s

We just did a site operator search on (today is the day of Donald Trump's inauguration) and its 3pm in the afternoon.  There are about 113,000 search results and most of the top pages are being archived.  For example Obama's Thank you Letter has been redirected to this new page (archive)

Fevi Yu
Date Published: January 20, 2017

But for the most part there are tons of pages that cannot be found here are the links below.  Please note we cannot make these live links as they are all 404 pages that cannot be found. Its not good to link to 404 pages in general.

  • Climate Change —
  • Obama’s Farewell —
  • This page still has “Letters to President Obama” but notice that header already has “President Donald J Trump” —
  • Transparency and Open Government —
  • Champions of Change —
  • Education —
  • Seniors and Social Security —
  • Net Neutrality —
  • Poverty —
  • Office of Science and Technology —
  • Marijuana —
  • Aid Refugees —
  • White House Salaries —
  • National HIV/AIDS —
  • Office of E-Government and Information Technology —
  • Resources —  (error here is: access denied)

Obviously right now the content is probably all being transferred to the archives and that’s why you are seeing alot of 404 or page not found.  In about a week this should all settle and hopefully all these 404’s will be redirected to the most relevant pages.

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