Quality Content: Write because you have something important to say

Quality Content: Write because you have something important to say

As a Small Business Web Development Company, I manage quite a few websites for clients. When there is a live support ticket for a client, I often take a look at what they have done (if any) to their website.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: August 18, 2016

I love it whenever I see quality content and I’m surprised at some of the updates to their site, I’m also disappointed whenever I see a website that is static: no content updates, no photo updates in the last year or so.  Its very frustrating specially because I harp about creating new content. I realize that its one of two things:

  1. They think there is no point in updating their website because they still sell the same service.  Clients who think this also think that they don’t get enough clients online, at least not enough to merit their attention.
  2. They don’t have the time as they are busy running their Businesses and this is something that I can relate with

For clients who don’t think its worth their time to update their website, I got nothing.
But for clients who don’t have time to update their websites, here are a few tips that I hope will help.
Write because you have something important to say —  when you have something important to say, the words will spill out of you.  All of sudden you are typing 100 words per minute and you won’t care about the grammar and spelling. You can always do that later.
Remember you don’t have to write frequently, just write whenever you have something important to say that could help other people or start a conversation within your company / industry.   My SEO blog hasn’t been updated in the last 6 months but its still ranking for “Cayman SEO” — I only wrote whenever I had something important to say.  No pressure.
The worst thing you can do here:  Personally, I think writing about what everyone else is writing about or hiring someone who doesn’t really understand your industry’s nuances.  And another thing, don’t write just to write.  There is no point to it, you are wasting your time as well as your readers.  Every blog you write must have an objective, a point of view that helps others decide theirs.  It must. Otherwise, whats the point?
Use photos that help your readers visualize what you mean — words are never enough unless your audience are bookworms and love reading nothing but text but they aren’t.  Your audience, like mine, are regular folks who are too busy to read and have the attention span of a 2 year old.  Make sure you have something important to say to keep their attention.
The worst thing you can do here:  Use stock photos that are easily recognizable.  Find a photo website or take some of your own.  Use photos that are related to your blog / article.  Here is my tip, use a free photo sharing website like Pexels.  When you do, make sure you send them a donation, photos are worth gold in online publishing.
Use other blog sites, not just your website — Writing is the best way to reach a wider audience so you don’t have to use your website’s blog all the time.  Here are other blogging sites that are worth joining:

  1. LinkedIn — great place for exposure about your brand and services and your company achievements.
  2. Medium — everyone’s favorite blogging site, its easy to use and easy to read

I know, I know you already don’t have time to write one blog and I’m asking you to write three other blogs.   I know it sounds challenging, I have never written in LinkedIn but I recommend it because I have read quality articles on their blogs.  I started a blog on Medium,  Its called, “10 Things”  — and because its so distinct, I will only write about 10 things of a certain topic.   I also use it to practice my writing as english isn’t my first language.  If you want to do that, create something that is unique to you and focus on that topic.  It makes it easier when you are hyper-focused.
The worst thing you can do: Is not to start writing.  Writing is the new way of marketing, the new way of selling and convincing someone to trust you and to use your service.   Its your business so it should be your responsibility to write about it.

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