Change of Business name and location

Change of Business name and location

This is an announcement to advise you of our transition from Easywebsites to White Oak Websites. Its been three years since we moved from the Cayman Islands. (Kicking and Screaming!) And in as much as we miss being on island, our offices are now located in Northern Virginia. Its important to note that we can work from any location on the planet and still be able to service your Website requirements. There are quite a few advantages of us being in the US though. Here are a few…

Fevi Yu
Date Published: April 26, 2016

Advantages of being US Based

1) We understand your Target Market better — because the Cayman Islands is a tourist destination, most of your clients and customers are from the US. Because we are now located in the US we will be better able to understand your target market. We will be better able to understand how to serve you better.
2) Easily meet with us Online — when in Cayman, its sometimes be hard to set up physical meetings because most of us wear multiple hats but because we are now online, its very easy to set up meetings online via Skype or Conference Calls. We have even met with clients on Sundays!
3) We can see the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that your customers are seeing — because we were based in the Cayman Islands before we would only see the SERPs that Google showed for the Caribbean. Now we see the Google US results, which makes Website Optimization definitely easier.
4) We are your web developers as well as your customers now — because our plan is to visit the Cayman Islands often, we will also be tourists on our islands. It will be great to provide online suggestions which we know will help the visibility of your website.
If you have any concerns / questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and your business!

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