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Fevi Yu
Date Published: December 19, 2014

So many of my current clients ask me why our Website hosting is a lot pricier than other companies and usually I say, its because we are the best. What escapes me sometimes is that my clients are very busy business owners who don’t have the time to check out what their website traffic is. I probably check their websites more than they do but that shouldn’t be the case.  As a website owner, IMHO, you should be obsessed with your online traffic.  At the back of a business owners mind you should always be asking these questions:

  1. How are they finding me?  (Mobile, Web, Social Media?)
  2. What words are they they searching for to find me? (Search Engine Keywords)
  3. Who are my online competition?  (Search Engine Competition)
  4. Do I present myself better than my online competition?  (Usability)

I am digressing here because I just wanted to talk about Websites Hosting so let me get back on track. Why is our Website hosting more expensive than other companies?

Premium Website Hosting

Here are the reasons why we are a premium service:

  1. We have a fast, dedicated server. Cheap hosting means you are possibly sharing your server space with other websites.  If you chance on a server than hosts a gambling site, a porn site or a spam site — forget it, you will be sharing the same IP address as these sites and Google will automatically identify your site as a low quality website.
  2. We build every single website on our server.  Meaning we don’t just let anyone host on our server.  You need a website that we built and lets face it, if we built it — its more powerful than other sites because we built it according to Search Engine standards.
  3. Our server’s software is updated yearly. What does this mean?  It means our software will not be as easy to hack as older servers making it so much more secure.
  4. All the websites on our server are updated yearly.  Again, who cares?  Well, lets put it this way…you would be hard pressed to find any server that has all the websites updated yearly. Having an updated website limits security breaches and lets Search Engine robots know that you are serious about your web presence.
  5. When we update websites, we don’t just update the CMS, we also update each and every component involved in the website. We find updated plugins, components and modules and install new software. Who does that?!? Not your regular hosting company, we assure you.
  6. Do you know that we back up your website weekly? Yeah. So if an attack ever happened you would only lose one weeks work, not a month and certainly not your entire website.
  7. Our security guys are the same guys who maintain the servers of Disney and Forbes. They are expensive but definitely help us sleep better at night.

We care about your website

So large hosting companies will not even bother looking at your site once during a month. A small hosting reseller might look at your website once. Ask us how many times we look at your website and specifically your Webmaster Tools? I personally look at your Google Webmaster Tools at least once a week. If i see a surge in 404s (Page not found, typical in CMS websites) I automatically ask our developer on duty to find them all and redirect them properly. CMS websites have the ability to replicate one page over and over again and when changes/edits happen these pages disappear and 404s replace them. Guess what happens to your site when you have too many 404s? Yes, Google warns you and sometimes they even push your rank down. No one wants to click on a page only to find a 404. No. Google knows that and that’s why your ranking(s) decreases. What website hosting company does that? None. I can tell you that now and you would have to pay an SEO person to do that service. This service that we provide, we don’t charge you for it. Its part of the premium service that only we can provide. Because we are crazy and because we are the best.

If you have any more questions about why our prices are ridiculous, please get in touch. I’m not the best communicator out there but if you ask, I will answer. Thanks for reading my blog. Happy Holidays!

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