Panda 4.0 Sins
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Panda 4.0 Sins

I noticed that our ranking for "cayman web design" had dipped.  We are normally no. 1 of that keyword.  When I searched yesterday, we were on the 2nd page. Gasp! How embarrassing! I apologize, I am busy working on other people's website so I hardly ever check our own site. But this is wrong of me because our website is a reflection of our work. I think the good thing about all these algorithm updates is the fact that I am kept constantly on my toes by Google.  Anyway after some basic duplicate content research, I realized that our own website was committing quite a few Panda 4.0 sins.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: July 23, 2014

Panda is about Content

1) Duplicate Internal Content – thou shall not duplicate internal pages to make it seem like you have lots of pages!  This was unintentional because our CMS inadvertently and automatically creates duplicate URLS.  It is our job to stop these URLs from generating.
2) Thin Content – thou shall not create pages with little or no content that does not help anyone!
3) Quality Content – thou shall only create content pages that help readers understand what they are searching for. Do not write a page of blah just for the sake of having a page of blah. This basically means stop hiring content writers that dont really provide quality content for your readers.
After fixing our Panda 4.0 sins, I am now seeing we are no. 4 for that keyword.  It will take another couple of weeks to get back to our former glory but Im certain its inevitable. Unless of course Panda decides to roll out 5.0.   Good thing we are still no. 1 for our other keyword, “cayman website design”

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