Two Websites on the First Page
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Two Websites on the First Page

Did you know that the keyword that has the highest search for the Cayman Islands is "cayman islands" on Google?  Ok, ok so technically, "cayman" has more searches but the problem with that keyword is that its very difficult to know if the user was searching for the car or the island.  Below is a screenshot of the top three keywords for the Cayman Islands

Fevi Yu
Date Published: April 8, 2013

Top Keyword Searches

If you did an actual search you will notice that and are both present on the first page of Google for “cayman islands”.  We actually own both websites and we are the only local and private company to own a website on the first page of the highest searched keyword.

Two Websites on the First Page of Google

For more information about Advertising on either website, please contact us. We are very proud of our online presence and we are here to help you achieve online success.

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