Online Winners and Losers

Online Winners and Losers

I have heard this statement from way too many clients, "Fevi, I am too busy to do everything you are asking me to do and then some." But, in reality, this is what they are saying to me, "Fevi, I don't think that what you are suggesting works, so I'm not going to waste my time doing it." Amongst my clients, there are some that are far more successful than others. The clients that are not doing as well often feel that I am doing more for my successful client's website. This is simply not true. I advise all of my clients in precisely the same way; some choose to follow my advice, and others do not. For example, I asked a client of mine to update the content of their website; they didn't have the time so they hired a writer to update all their content. Up to now they are still holding tight on their search engine rank. Then there are clients that didn't have the time, forgot about their website and do not update. This equates to search bots no longer visiting their website frequently. The clients who complain that they don't have the money to do it are simply saying, "I have other priorities right now."

Fevi Yu
Date Published: February 4, 2013

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