Introducing Dogma Pet Sitting DC Startup

Dogma Pet Sitting

Dogma Pet Sitting DC

If you have ever visited Easywebsite’s office in the past, you have probably been greeted by either Junior, our office guard dog / cutie-patootie pie Boston Terrier or Jack, the black cat who is too serious for his own good. Both pets are furry children of our Search Director, Fevi Yu AKA the “I” and the Team Leader of the “we”and the “our” of this blog.


Pet Sitting with a Mission

Dogma is a culmination of a life-long desire to want to help animals in the shelter systems. The Humane Society of the United States estimate that over 2.5 Million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized yearly because of the lack of homes able to adopt them. All my life, I have fostered, volunteered and adopted pets from the shelters and yet, still, everyday there was this nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough. That I could possibly be doing more.

Introducing Dogma pet sitting for dogs and cats — the first ever pay-it-forward pet sitting service for Communities. Dogma is essentially “free” pet sitting. I thought this would be the most help to families because I would also have issues connecting with and finding pet sitters for my furry children. One day a neighbor agreed to pet sit for me if I would pet sit for them and that was the seed of the Dogma “tree”.

With the help of the amazing Easywebsites Web Development Team, we have created the first-ever giving-economy business model. Or a real sharing-economy business model.

Beta public open to Washington, DC residents

The website is still in Beta public and will be so until the end of the year. Its important to note though that partnerships and contracts are happening right now and so is the beta testing of the Community. We are also still ironing out bugs. If this is a project that resonates with you, please share this post. If you know anyone that is looking for dog sitting dc or a cat sitter dc please share the website Help Dogma become a reality in communities all over the US and eventually the world. Pet care shouldn’t be a premium and if it wasn’t then more people would be adopting from shelters and together, we can save them all.

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