Terms & Conditions for All Services

WOWebsites Website Agreement for Services

If you have ordered your website or any of our online services on www.wowebsites.com, these are our terms and conditions. By clicking the radio button prior to payment or by paying the invoice, you agree to these terms and conditions

Basic Package

Time Frame: 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast clients submit their content. Once client has provided all the content, please give us up to 8 weeks in development time. Client is responsible for all logos, graphic design elements, images, illustrations and content. Client must submit all of the content in a timely manner for us to meet our deadline.

All Payment Terms

For Websites: 50% deposit, 25% after 30 days and 30% upon website turnover

For all Services: Paid in full prior to engagement

For Maintenance and Support: Paid within 7 days of receiving the invoice 

Content / Materials

All content such as text, graphics and images are to be provided by client in a timely manner so as not to prolong the development of the website. Should the time frames of actual work load be overrun due to client delays or changes, charges will be billed at $50 hour

Additional Programming

WOWebsites is going to develop your website based on the basic website package and any additional features and components that require development or any change in contract after the finalization of this signed agreement shall be billed separately to the client

All Web Services

All website services are non-refundable when work has been completed.

Design Changes

After written approval of design elements and placement of navigation bar – additional charges shall be billed separately should the client decide to forego the initial approved design

Deferring of Project Deadlines

WOWebsites.com reserves the right to defer project deadlines if materials are not being submitted on time.

Project Start Date and Interim billing

The project start date will be set only when the contract has been signed with the initial deposit of 50% of the total contract price. The first balance is due after 30 days and the final balance, when the website is turned over to the client. However, if additional work has been agreed to after this contract, an interim bill will be presented and due likely before the website is turned over. The start date will be within 30 days of the receipt of the deposit

WOWebsites Marketing

WOWebsites.com reserves the right to use the redesigned website for promotional use as a whole but never to use images or text provided by the client separately

WOWebsites.com reserves the right to maintain a footer link below the auxiliary navigation bar, which reads, “Web Design by WOWebsites.com” or “by WOWebsites.com. An SEO Company”

Unfinished Projects

If at any point in this project, the clients decides not to proceed with finishing the website, WOWebsites.com will not refund the deposit and will still be able to bill the client based on where the project is. If the website atleast 75% completed (meaning integration has already been done – back end, front end and content – WOWebsites.com reserves the right to bill the client for the full price of the web development project.

Client User Admin

A user admin and password shall be provided to the Client to access the Content Management System (CMS) of the website but it is understood that if the website is accidentally reverted, ruined or voided, WOWebsites.com reserves the right to bill the client for the additional work hours to put it back together

Website Hosting

Hosting is billed every December for the entirety of the next 12 months. There is no refund if the client decides to cancel their hosting agreement.

Service Interruptions 

WOWebsites.com is not responsible for interruption of Services outside of their control, this includes natural disasters, interruptions from suppliers, interruption due to technical issues of suppliers, etc.

Government Laws

WOWebsites is incorporated in Northern Virginia, USA.  All agreements are governed by the laws of the State.  Any claims or legal action arising out of these Terms and Conditions must be done within a year after the service has been rendered.  WOWebsites.com reserves the right to discontinue service for any violations of its terms and conditions.   All claims and disputes arising from performance, interpretation, application or enforceable of this agreement, including but not limited to breach shall be referred to mediation before the initiation of adjudicative action or proceeding, including arbitration.

Terms of Use

All Services provided by WOWebsites may be used only in accordance of the law.  Storage, documentation, transmission or presentation of information or data that violates US Federal, State or City Law is prohibited.  This includes copyright, plagiarized material, racist or threatening material, material that is obscene, pornography or material protected by other statute.