Google Data Centers and how it affects Websites

Google Data Centers

Google Data Center in South Carolina’s – yes, there are crocodiles in the lake!

The accuracy of your Google Search may not be 100% yet and Google says they are working on that. But I’m pretty sure, like me, you have been impressed with the speed of your search results that return within fractions of a second. Or perhaps you have never thought of it. Well, if you have a website for your business, its probably a good time to start thinking about how these data centers are affecting your search results so you can better position your website for queries.
If you didn’t know already, Google’s server is the most advanced server network in the world, perhaps even in the Universes. It works Two Hundred times faster than the computer you are currently using. Yes, thats 200,000 times faster. Search starts by crawling trillions of pages at a time and then indexing them correctly. An algorithm is in place to ensure that you are getting the most relevant search results.

Different Data Center, Different Results

If you search from the Cayman Islands, you will see a dramatically different search result from when you search in the US. Thats because you are using 2 different data centers to assist your query. Google returns results from the closest server to you so obviously if you are searching from different locations, Google will utilize 2 different data centers. Google returns results utilizing the data center closest to you to maximize speed, although it has been studied that this is not always the case. If the closest data center is busy, a further one might be called to assist your query instead and so on.
Data Centers also offer different search results for Country-Specific search. Obviously if you live in Italy (Italy has a top level domain of .it) the data center closest to you will serve up your results and this information differs greatly from a datacenter located in South East Asia (for example .ph for Philippines and .jp for Japan).

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