Social Media Videos

Video is such an important Content Marketing Tool.  We provide short video animation that includes datasets. This could prove useful in your Social Media Marketing efforts

Social Media Videos

We provide Social Media video creation as a service for Small Businesses who need exposure and branding recognition.

There is a compelling reason that we have started providing this service and here are a few statistics that should help you make a decision whether or not you need this service:

  • On Twitter, 82% of Users watch videos
  • On Facebook, 85% of Users watch videos without the volume
  • 51% of Marketers name video has the best ROI
  • More than 50% of consumers make purchasing decisions after watching branded social videos
  • You can expect a 157% increase in organic traffic
  • Blogs that have videos have 3 times more incoming links as a blog post without a video
  • 95% of information is retained by a User from watching videos vs. reading

Video Content and Generation

When we create your Social Media Videos for your company, please provide us with the following:

  • Text for the videos
  • Graphics that you want to use
  • Videos that you want to use as the background

Please make sure that we receive all the materials 2 weeks prior to your deadline.  Once we have all the materials for your video, we will create the first draft and send it to you.  You will be allowed to make as many as 5 revisions per set but after 5 revisions, please note that will start charging our hourly rates for any additional changes.