Search Definitions

Here is a list of Search Terms and their definitions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

When you enable your website to rank effectively for its keywords


Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click Campaigns (can also be called CPC) – When you engage in paying search engines or Social Medias X amount per click (referral)

Social Media Marketing

when you use Social Media such as Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin to get more clients

Local SEO

this is specifically for local businesses who want to get more exposure on Google


Search Engine Marketing, which is a combination of both SEO + PPC

Online Advertising

When you pay another website to advertise your services

Content Marketing

When you build content and make it interesting enough to be shared via social media and /or press releases

Viral Marketing

When you create something with the intention of it spreading like wildfire online throughout social media

Email Marketing

using emails to reach your target market, this is a channel that must be done frequently

Inbound Marketing

When you create your own distinct content and provide free information in the hopes that users will use your service

Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media as a way to reach your target market

Display Advertising

similar to Online Advertising, using third party websites to your advantage