Contract Exclusions

Below are a list of services that are not part of your Website Project

Website Contract Exclusions

  • Client will have to purchase the yearly SSL certificate from Geotrust or Verisign, should client require a secure site.
  • Additional pages, if you require more than the contract, it is an additional cost of CI$ 50 per page.
  • Please note that we are going to build your website to be search engine friendly and that this is not an Optimization Contract. Websites that belong to competitive industries will need more optimization done to their websites but that is a separate contract and should be discussed atleast 3 months after the launch of the new website.
  • Content Writing – we charge CI$ 150 per page on content writing for a minimum of 700 words per page. We ensure that your website has more relevant content
  • Additional training hours CI$ 99 per hour and client can decide how many hours to include. a max of 3 people can join the training session.  (Internal clients only)
  • After the initial design has been approved, any new design changes will be charged to the client at CI$ 50/ hour.
  • Hosting after the first year is at CI$ 25 per every 100 MB / month
  • Maintenance after site turnover (Please see support rates)
  • Programming after site turnover (Please see support rates
  • Email – we REQUIRE that you hire a system admin to manage your emails for you if you dont already have one. We do not maintain emails.