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Top Keywords for the Jamaica’s Tourism Industry

WOWebsites is a Tourism-Focused SEO Company with the intent of assisting Tourism Businesses achieve online success.  When we build your website, we ensure that it shows up for your Keywords.  Your Website should show up on the first page of Search Results for User Queries. 

We are the only Web and SEO Company to integrate Technical SEO into a Website project.  You can now order a website for only $2500 and it will include Technical SEO.   No other company offers this server at this price point.

Jamaican SEO Services 

Here are the following SEO Services that we provide to businesses in Jamaica. 

  • Keyword Research — we analyze the best and practical keywords for your industry 
  • Site Audit — we find out what your website’s strengths are.  We fix what is not search-engine-friendly. 
  • SEO Strategy — we ensure that your Website has a goal to meet at the end of your SEO Campaign
  • Bounce Rate Management — We ensure your pages are “sticky
  • Link Management — We ensure that your internal and external links are all working for you
  • Content Management — We ensure your Website’s pages directly adhere to User Searches and User Intent 
  • Site Architecture — We make your Website look and feel professional and trustable 

Below are the keywords for different industries in Jamaica.  If you would like your keywords, please request for them. It’s completely free.

Here are the top monthly keyword searches for “jamaica” and destinations associated with it. Its important to know what keywords Users search for on Google so that your website can target these keywords. A Website can only be visible to Users when it is categorized properly by Search Engines.

  • jamaica /1,000,000
  • kingston /301,000
  • montego bay /90,500
  • montego bay jamaica /40,500
  • negril jamaica /40,500
  • ocho rios /22,200
  • negril /22,200
  • jamaica resorts /27,100
  • jamaica all inclusive resorts /18,100
  • jamaica vacation /18.,100
  • montego bay resorts /9,900

Accommodation Keywords for tourism destinations for Jamaica SEO

  • hotels in ocho rios /4,400
  • negril hotels /2,900
  • ocho rios hotels /2,900
  • hotels in negril jamaica /2,400
  • hotels in negril /2,400
  • negril jamaica resorts /1,900
  • hotels in ocho rios jamaica /1,900
  • montego bay sandals /1,900
  • hotel ocho /1,600
  • negril resorts /1,600
  • sandals jamaica montego bay /1,600
  • montego bay all inclusive resorts /1,300
  • all inclusive hotels in ocho rios /1,000

Top Keywords for Ocho Rios, Jamaica

  • ocho rios jamaica /22,200
  • riu ocho rios /22,200
  • ocho rios /40,500
  • riu ocho rios /22,200
  • beaches ocho rios /9,00
  • jamaica ocho rios /2,900
  • riu ocho rios jamaica /2,400
  • ocho rios hotels /2,900
  • hotels in ocho rios jamaica /1,900
  • hotels in ocho rios /2,900
  • ocho rios beaches /1,600

Top Keywords for Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • montego bay jamaica /40,500
  • montego bay /90,500
  • montego bay resorts /9,900
  • montego bay hotels /8,100
  • hotels in montego bay /5,400
  • jamaica montego bay /5,400
  • riu montego bay /33,100
  • hotels in montego bay jamaica /2,900
  • montego bay jamaica resorts /1,900

Top keywords for Negril, Jamaica

  • negril jamaica /33,100
  • negril /22,200
  • negril hotels /2,900
  • negril beach /2,900
  • hotels in negril jamaica /2,400
  • negril resorts /1,600
  • negril jamaica resorts /1,900
  • negril all inclusive /1,300
  • negril beach jamaica /1,000

If you would like your keywords for you industry, please send us an email. If you are interested in having a Jamaica SEO Campaign, let us know by completing the fields.