Barbados SEO

Top Keywords for the Barbados  Tourism Industry

Top Keywords for the Barbados Tourism Industry

Top keywords for Barbados Tourism Industry

Barbados has a monthly average search of 135,000 so that means they get a yearly search average of about 1.6 Million, not bad, not bad for an Island that has a population of 285,744 residents. From Miami, Barbados is a 3 hour and 45 mins flight. Without further adieu, below are the top keywords for Barbados

Top monthly searches for Barbados

  • barbados 135,000 /month
  • barbados map 9,900
  • sandals barbados 8,100
  • where is barbados 8,100
  • barbados weather 5,400
  • st michael barbados 5,400
  • barbadoes flag 4,400
  • bridgetown barbados 4,400
  • hilton barbados 3,600
  • barbados all inclusive 3,600

Barbados Real Estate Keywords

  • barbados real estate 1,600 /month
  • barbados homes for sale 260
  • barbados real estate for sale 170
  • barbados houses for sale 90
  • barbados land for sale by owner 90
  • rihanna barbados house 70
  • barbados condos for sale 70
  • barbados real estate listings 50
  • barbados real estate for sale by owner 40
  • barbados house for sale 40

Its interesting to note that on the top ten keywords for real estate is “rihanna barbados house” — must be a lot of tourists wanting to see her house.

Barbados Rentals Keywords

  • barbados vacation rentals 320 /month
  • barbados rentals 170
  • sapphire beach barbados rentals 90
  • vacation rentals barbados 90
  • rental barbados 85
  • barbados house rentals 80
  • rentals in barbados 80
  • barbados rental 75
  • vacation rentals in barbados70
  • barbados rental homes 70
  • barbados rental homes 30
  • barbados rental 20
  • barbados condo rental 20

Top Misspelling Searches for Barbados ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • barbadoes 90 /month
  • barbedos 90
  • barbadus 90
  • babados 85
  • barbadose 85
  • barbaydos 85
  • arbados 85
  • barbaidos 85
  • barbados 80
  • barbadoa 80
  • barbardos 80

I had to include the misspellings of Barbados because they were all so amusing. I don’t think I have encountered as many misspellings of a Caribbean Island as Barbados. When doing an SEO campaign on your website, you won’t need to misspell “Barbados” to show up for these keywords are Google is smart enough to understand User-Intent. The trick is to ensure that your Semantic Structure is correct so that Google can understand what keywords you want to categorize your website for.

Top Keywords for Barbados Scuba Diving

  • scuba diving barbados 110 /month
  • barbados scuba diving 110
  • scuba diving barbados 85
  • barbados scuba 80
  • barbados diving 75
  • diving barbados 75
  • scuba diving in barbados 70
  • scuba barbados 70
  • scuba dive barbados 70
  • dive barbados 65
  • padi barbados 50

If you belong to the Tourism Industry in Barbados / “Barbaydos” / “Barbedos” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please get in touch and request for your keywords, no obligations!

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