Bahamas SEO

Top Keywords for Bahamas

Top Keywords for Bahamas

Top Keywords for the Bahamas

We are an SEO Company with a focus on Tourism Industries and that includes Bahamas SEO. The Bahamas gets an average of 823,000 searches per month according to Google’s Keyword Planner. Thats a huge amount of keywords but lets break that down to Tourism Industries.

Locations within the Bahamas

  • freeport bahamas 40,500 /month
  • nassau bahamas 90,500
  • grand bahama island 12,100
  • eleuthera 22,200
  • abaco bahamas 5,400
  • exuma bahamas 27,100
  • grand bahmas 9,900
  • bahamas freeport 1,300
  • grand bahamas 3,600

Bahamas Real Estate

  • bahamas real estate 6,600 /month
  • real estate bahamas 1,900
  • homes for sale in the bahamas 880
  • bahamas realty 1,600
  • houses for sale in the bahamas 880
  • bahamas homes for sale 720
  • homes for sale in bahamas 480
  • houses for sale in bahamas 590
  • nassau bahamas real estate 480
  • bahamas property for sale 480

Bahamas Hotel / Resort

  • bahamas hotels 18,100 /month
  • bahamas resorts 22,200
  • bahamas all inclusive 22,200
  • nassau bahamas hotels 5,400
  • bahamas all inclusive resorts 9,900
  • atlantis hotel bahamas 9,900
  • paradise island bahamas 14,800
  • atlantis bahamas deals 6,600

Bahamas Scuba Diving

  • bahamas diving 880 /month
  • diving bahamas 590
  • scuba diving bahamas 480
  • scuba diving in the bahamas 210
  • bahamas scuba diving 480
  • diving in the bahamas 210
  • diving in the bahamas 170
  • nassau scuba diving 210

Bahamas Attractions / Things to do

  • bahamas attractions 720 /month
  • things to do in the bahamas 3,600
  • things to do in bahamas 2,900
  • things to do in nassau bahamas 4,400
  • things to do in nassau 3,600
  • what to do in the bahamas 1,000
  • bahamas activities 590
  • things to do in freeport bahamas 2,400
  • bahamas points of interest 1,300
  • bahamas tourism 1,300
  • bahamas tour 1,600

(If we were optimizing a website that belong in the “attractions” category, we would probably make these keywords above the start of our search funnels to get better exposure. Most of the Paid Sponsors or PPC Campaigns are low so we highly advise paid ads while waiting for the website to be optimized)

The above keywords are actual searches on Google from Users who are looking for a specific product or service in the Bahamas. If your website is semantically structured then it is easier to optimize one page for a major keyword and then permutations thereof.

If you would like to an SEO Campaign for your website for any Industry in the Bahamas, please contact us.

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