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Top Keywords for Aruba’s Tourism Industry

Its interesting to note that Aruba is a smaller Caribbean Island but it has over 1.5 Million searches monthly. Granted those searches might be skewed because of another “aruba” that provides hosting. We will only be providing keywords for the Aruba tourism industry. Below are the top keywords for Aruba’s tourism industry, please note that these keywords are from Google’s Keyword Planner and they are an average of monthly searches. These keywords are what Users actually type on Google to search for your product / service or Industry so they are important in realizing what Users are looking for.

Top Aruba Tourism-Related Keywords

  • aruba /1,500,000
  • aruba weather /40,500
  • aruba airlines /40,500
  • aruba map /27,100
  • aruba hotels /27,100
  • aruba all inclusive 27,100
  • where is aruba /18,100
  • oranjestad /18,100
  • aruba resorts /18,100
  • aruba all inclusive resorts /14,800
  • divi aruba /14,800
  • aruba airport /14,800
  • holiday inn aruba /14,800
  • marriot aruba /14,800
  • aruba vacations /12,100
  • hyatt aruba /12,100
  • weather in aruba /9,900
  • renaissance aruba /9,900
  • tamarijn aruba /9,900

The leading tourism industry based on these keywords would be the accommodations industry, ie. hotels and all-inclusives. Below is a more comprehensive list of accommodation keywords.

Keywords for Aruba Accommodations

  • aruba hotels /27,100
  • aruba resorts /18,100
  • hotels in aruba /8,100
  • hilton hotel aruba /390
  • aruba boutique hotels /210
  • boutique hotel aruba /210
  • wonders boutique hotel aruba /170
  • hilton hotel in aruba /170
  • mejor hotel de aruba /140

Keywords for Aruba Things to do

  • aruba things to do /1,600
  • aruba activities /1,000
  • things to do aruba /590
  • best things to do in aruba /590
  • top things to do in aruba /390
  • activities in aruba /320
  • things to do in aruba for adults /260
  • fun things to do in aruba /260

Keywords for Aruba Scuba Diving

  • aruba scuba diving /720
  • scuba diving aruba /590
  • scuba diving in aruba /320
  • scuba aruba /260
  • scuba in aruba /140
  • aruba scuba /110
  • aruba scuba diving reviews /40

Keywords for Aruba Real Estate

  • aruba real estate /4,400
  • real estate aruba /1,900
  • aruba real estate for sale /720
  • houses for sale in aruba /720
  • aruba houses for sale /720
  • house for sale aruba /720
  • aruba condos for sale /590
  • real estate in aruba /480
  • aruba houses /320
  • condos for sale in aruba /320
  • maurer real estate aruba /260
  • aruba condos /260
  • solito real estate aruba /210
  • aruba real estate for sale by owner /170
  • houses in aruba /140
  • aruba real estate listings /140

And these are just some examples of how many searches Users are typing into Google on a monthly basis. If you are interested in getting a proposal for an SEO Campaign for any Industry in Aruba, please get in touch. We are currently running a promo up to July 1, 2017 and are providing huge discounts for Companies and Small Businesses who avail of our services. Please check out our Client List and our Client Testimonials.

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