Google Ads Admits to Adjusting Ad Prices to Meet Targets

Google Ads Admits to Adjusting Ad Prices to Meet Targets

In a shocking turn of events, Google has openly admitted to quietly adjusting ad prices to meet their targets.  As an SEO professional who manages numerous PPC campaigns for Small Business Owners, this news is not only disheartening but also deeply concerning. It raises serious questions about the credibility of Google Ads as an Online Marketing platform.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: September 29, 2023

The Loss of Trust and Credibility

Digital marketer Greg Finn has been vocal about his disappointment with Google’s actions. He rightfully points out that trust and credibility are paramount in any business relationship. However, with this admission, Google has lost all trust and credibility in the eyes of advertisers. This revelation raises questions about Google’s commitment to the small businesses it claims to support.

Finn highlights that Google’s actions are driven by the need to meet quarterly financial targets, potentially at the expense of businesses, both small and large, that rely on the Google Ads platform.

The End of the Auction Illusion

Finn emphasizes that many in the PPC community, including myself, suspected such practices were happening behind the scenes. However, the real issue is that Google often presents itself as a champion of advertisers, while behind the scenes, they manipulate prices to achieve their goals. This disconnect between what Google says and what it does is a breach of trust.

Moreover, Google’s use of auction terminology is misleading. While it’s acceptable for retailers to increase margins on the backend, Google presents its ad system as a transparent auction with bids and bid strategies. This misrepresentation is a disservice to advertisers who rely on Google’s platform to reach their audiences.

The RGSP Controversy

During a federal antitrust trial, it was revealed that Google’s actions included something called RGSP, which boosted their revenue by manipulating ad placements. This revelation left many in the PPC community astounded and questioning the fairness of Google’s practices. Such tactics call into question the integrity of the entire ad platform.

A Call to Action

Greg Finn’s passionate response to Google’s practices underscores the need for advertisers to reconsider their reliance on Google Ads. His call for advertisers to leave the platform reflects the frustration felt by many in the industry. Trust has been eroded, and advertisers must prioritize their interests and seek more transparent and ethical advertising alternatives.

The recent revelation that Google has been quietly adjusting ad prices for its own benefit has rocked the PPC community. As an SEO professional managing small business PPC campaigns, I am personally going to re-evaluate my client’s online marketing strategies to stop relying heavily on Google Ads.  Advertisers must carefully evaluate their options and consider platforms that prioritize transparency and fairness. The time to rethink PPC strategies using Google Ads  is now. I will also be considering shifting budgets to Microsoft Ads.

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