New day, new brand but same old high Search Engine rank
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New day, new brand but same old high Search Engine rank New Brand Colors

Fevi Yu
Date Published: June 23, 2017

After much thought and consideration, we have rebranded.  It was a nostalgic experience to say the least but it had to be done because we are moving in a new direction. This week we are launching the new (previously known as White Oak Websites and Easywebsites before that).  Rebranding is a lot like removing layers of old skin to reveal new and younger looking skin and thats exactly what our colors represent.  The vibrance of our new colors represent the Caribbean / fun / laughter / love / joy / with a little splash of seriousness in that we mean business.   After being in business for over 10 years, its about time that we rebrand.  We hope you like it too!

What our logo represents

We picked using the W on our logo because it stands for many things including:  Women / Wow / Work / Wonder Women (wink) / World Wide Web /  Wise / Wizard / Websites… so many wonderful words start with “W” and our official Company name is White Oak Websites LLC so W and the acronym WOW was the obvious choice.

Introducing our new Company Colors

We chose a darker hue of aqua-green to represent the Caribbean sea,  we chose a darker version of Orange in the hue of Vermillion because of two reasons: 1) It represents the beautiful Carib sunset and Love 2) We are going to make all our clients Vermillionaires!   We chose the yellow to represent Sunshine, Hope, Happiness, Optimism, Intellect and Loyalty.

New Direction, High Rankings

We have been working on our Search Engine Ranking for the last couple of months so without further adieu here they are:

  • #1 for “caribbean seo”
  • #1 for “turks and caicos seo”
  • #1 for “cayman seo” via our blog
  • #3 for “barbados seo”
  • #4 for “cayman web design”
  • #5 for “caribbean website design”
  • #8 for ‘anguilla web design”
  • #9 herndon web design
  • #10 “turks and caicos web design”
  • #10 for “bahamas seo”

We are also on the top 20 rankings for most of the other Caribbean islands both for SEO and Web Design.   Our focus  and growth is now to be the premier Web design and SEO company in the Caribbean, we can’t wait to make your website for you!

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