Caribbean Real Estate SEO Strategy
Caribbean SEO

Caribbean Real Estate SEO Strategy

We are currently doing an SEO Campaign for a client in the Real Estate Industry so a good question to ask was, "Should we include 'caribbean keywords into the SEO Strategy?"  That means that aside from "cayman real estate" we also target, "caribbean real estate" and is it worth it for our client?  Before we begin lets do a quick keyword search to see how many searches are being done using "caribbean"

Fevi Yu
Date Published: April 19, 2017

Caribbean Real Estate Keywords

The top keyword search is “caribbean real estate” which gets a monthly average of 3,600 searches.  Other keywords include

  • caribbean homes for sale /1,600
  • caribbean real estate for sale /480
  • homes for sale in the caribbean /590
  •  caribbean islands for sale /1,900
  • caribbean property for sale /720
  • caribbean beachfront homes for sale /320

…and so much more.  There are over 673 keywords relating to “caribbean real estate.”  There are also a lot of Ad Groups that more or less identify the searches into these categories

  • Property
  • Home
  • House
  • Beachfront
  • For Sale
  • Estate
  • Islands
  • Land
  • Oceanfront
  • Luxury
  • Investment

…and then it also categorizes the searches via Islands.  To compare the searches per Island and “caribbean” here is a side by side monthly search average of Real Estate in the Caribbean (highest to lowest)

  • puerto rico real estate /9,900
  • turks and caicos real estate /6,600
  • bahamas real estate /6,600
  • jamaica real estate /5,400
  • dominican republic real estate /4,400
  • caribbean real estate /3,600
  • barbados real estate /2,900
  • st lucia real estate /1,900
  • grenada real estate /1,600
  • anguilla real estate /1,300
  • cayman real estate /1,000
  • st barts real estate /720

Just from looking at this list you can already tell that it may not be worth your time to Optimize for the “caribbean” keywords and instead target the Location keywords.  But at the same time, its hard to discount it.  If you have an additional budget it might be a good idea to do a Pay-Per-Click campaign for “caribbean real estate” as Keyword Planner is suggesting bids as low as $0.60 per click
These keywords suggest that Puerto Rico has the highest real estate searches in the Caribbean and then Turks and Caicos and Bahamas tie for second.   Its interesting to note that the Turks and Caicos have such a high search volume, tying with the Bahamas.  Please note however that this keyword research is not comprehensive.  Its simply a representation of one keyword.
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