Google AMP Promo

Google AMP Promo

AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages

Fevi Yu
Date Published: October 13, 2016

As promised, we are going to be doing the Google AMP Promo this week.
You might be asking, “Why is Google AMP Important?” AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages so it only refers to your mobile site, not your desktop website.
Its important because it enables Google to deliver search results for mobile searches in split seconds. Essentially Google has made your website (desktop) load fast using Google Speed and now they are want to do the same thing using AMP for Mobile pages.
Again, why is this important? Stats have started to show that mobile searches have already toppled desktop or traditional searches on Google. That means that more and more of your Target Market is using Mobile to search for you and your business. One of the frustrating things about using mobile pages is that most mobile devices render pages so slowly. There are technical reasons for this but AMP is Google’s response to that frustration.
So if you want your users to have a better mobile experience on your website, AMP is the way to go. But please note that AMP is not for everyone. AMP is for Mobile sites that have a lot of content. If your website has more visuals than content, then AMP is not for you but if you have quality content that provide value to your users, then please sign up for our Promo.
Again, please do not forget, Google (and your Users) want quality content. It needs to be content that is valuable, educational and if possible, entertaining. Will your users read and learn from the content you have on your website?
WE cannot publish the cost of this because its ridiculously cheap and going to be per page based on the content of your website. But if this is something that you are interested in doing, please send me a reply and we will advise if its a good fit with your current website and how much its going to cost. We will also advise on current content of your website.
I also believe AMP is what Google Voice Search is going to be using so having it installed on your website is going to be a bonus!
Let me know if you have any questions / clarifications. Always happy to help!

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