How to create relevant posts on Social Media
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How to create relevant posts on Social Media

Here is great advice for your Social Media Strategy on Facebook: Divide your target market into Verticals so you can get more intimate with your audience.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: September 15, 2016

If you have ever wondered why no one is liking your posts on Social Media, aside from the obvious Facebook algorithm shift, another reason could be that you aren’t providing articles that are relevant to your current users. Its hard to be relevant when you don’t know who they are, what their backgrounds are, where they come from, you don’t even know why they liked your page aside from the obvious which is that they are possibly located in the same location as you.

So a good way to understand your Facebook Users is to divide them into verticals by creating duplicate Facebook pages per vertical. Everyone’s doing it Its also simple enough to do if you have the time. Essentially create one vertical per target market.

If you are in the Real Estate Industry, consider the following verticals: (Insert your Company name instead of “Brand”)

  • Brand Luxury Properties
  • Brand Starter Homes
  • Brand Condos on Seven Mile Beach
  • Brand Island Lifestyle
  • Brand Community & Lifestyle

If you are in the Recruitment Industry, consider the following verticals:

  • Brand Cayman Finance
  • Brand Cayman Marketing
  • Brand Cayman IT

I decided to put “Cayman” into the mix just to make it even more targeted. If you are a recruitment agency within the Caribbean you can replace that with Caribbean instead of “Cayman”
It makes so much sense to create targeted Facebook pages because someone who is looking for Luxury Real Estate is not looking for a Starter home. In the same line of thinking, someone who is in IT won’t care about the Finance related jobs.

Obviously before doing this, understand what your piece of the pie is. That simply means, know your industry numbers. If you don’t have a lot of Users then this won’t work. But if your industry numbers are high then this will definitely make sense. Its also important to know that even if you only have 500 Facebook page users, if they are all looking for one thing, i.e.. Luxury Real Estate — that’s going to be more effective than having a Facebook group of over 10,000 users who aren’t looking for anything in particular.

If you don’t have a lot of Users in your current Social Media Circles, now is a good time to either hire a Community Manager either full time / part time or pay-to-play and Advertise on Facebook. If you want to know why your current Ads aren’t performing as well, let me know and I will look into it. Some minor tweaks can make a major difference.

Another thing to consider is time, do you have the time to create quality posts for each Facebook group. If you honest answer is yes, go for it! If you know that you don’t have the time then focus on what you have and try to create niche posts for every vertical instead.

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