Similarities b/w Northern Virginia and the Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands

Similarities b/w Northern Virginia and the Cayman Islands

Left is Northern Virginia, Right is Grand Cayman

Fevi Yu
Date Published: August 24, 2016

I’ve lived in Northern Virginia’s Prince William County and Fauquier Counties in the past 3 years.  I previously lived in the Cayman Islands for almost 8 years. Today, I just realized the similarities of the two, minus the beach for Northern VA and minus the mountain-view for the Cayman Islands.  Here are some interesting / surprising findings:

  •  The Cayman Islands is one of the wealthiest Caribbean Island-Nations.  Northern Virginia is home to the wealthiest US Counties.  Northern VA has Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Prince William County and Fauquier County, 4 counties that have consistently been on the top list of highest-income counties in the United States.
  • Virginia was named after England’s Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I.  The Caymans Islands is part of the British territories  and essentially the head of Government is Queen Elizabeth II.
  • In the olden days Cayman relied on shipbuilding, sailorizing AKA seafaring. Virginia is the largest US Shipbuilding location, granted its not Northern VA but its the same State.  Its also interesting to note that half the world’s Super Yachts are registered using the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry.
  • Northern Virginia is the most diverse region in the US in terms of population, the Cayman Islands has over 100 Nationalities who live and work there.
  • I want to include religion here but I don’t have the stats. All  I know is this, in Cayman, we have a lot of Churches and locals are very religious. I feel thats the same way it is in Northern VA.  We have a lot of Churches and most people are religious.
  • Folks in DC aren’t as friendly as folks from Northern VA.  People here are nice and unassuming just like the folks from the Cayman Islands.

A lot of Residents in Northern Virginia go to the Cayman Islands on a yearly basis because they own Timeshare, I have also met three residents of Northern VA who own Vacation homes in the Cayman Islands and this is what prompted this blog.  If you are a Tourism-based business in the Cayman Islands and would like to promote your business in Northern Virginia and the US in general, please get in touch.  There are quite a few online strategies that we know would directly benefit Tourism in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean as a whole.

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