Facebook Pages are going to replace DIY Websites
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Facebook Pages are going to replace DIY Websites

The new Facebook Pages layout looks like a website except for the Parent Menus found diagonally below the logo.  Most User-Friendly and UX designs Parent Menus are found near the top of the website running horizontally going from Left to Right.  But aside from that, its pretty darn convincing that Facebook is going to replace or at least trying to replace websites that don't have any applications on them.  It makes a lot of sense.

Fevi Yu
Date Published: August 5, 2016
New Facebook Pages Layout
New Facebook Pages Layout

DIY Websites do not meet Online Objectives

Websites that have no customization /no  understanding of online presence / no understanding that a website is not a brochure but is instead a business tool will not meet online objectives.   They have no value because they do not bring in traffic to the website and they do not convert visitors into customers.  Websites have two main objectives:

  1. To be found online organically through numerous, relevant keyword searches and
  2. To be trustworthy enough so that Users will convert into customers.

If your website does not do these two things then it is of no value and you just wasted all your time in learning the DIY tools.  For a website to meet these basic and minimum objectives the person building the website should have intrinsic knowledge of Search Engine requirements and User-Friendly knowledge.

DIY Websites are not Visible on Google

One of the things that is obvious is that the small business owner is trying to save money by using DIY websites.  The sad thing is that for every penny saved, no money is earned because a lot of time is required in learning the DIY tools instead of running their business.
The upfront costs of a professional website is more than a DIY website but you earn that money back because a good website makes money for you.  A professionally done website will meet the two objectives:  1) Get found on the Search Engines  2) Convert Users into Customers.
Sadly most DIY websites will never be found online because without an understanding of Search Engine requirements to make the website Search-Engine-Friendly, it will be impossible to get found online.   At the same time not all website developers are equal.  Some web developers are just that and will not integrate search-engine-friendly features and thats why its important to know what you are getting when you sign up for a website.  And thats why its better to just use Facebook pages for your business if your website doesn’t have an application or other customizable requirements.

Facebook Pages are more Visible than DIY Websites

Facebook Pages are already optimized, its obvious because when you search on Google for your business, you will also see your Facebook page.  It helps that it gets a link from your website but because you are putting your business name where it belongs and providing a category for it then the chances of it being found are higher and the costs are lower.  Creating a Facebook Page also has very low entry requirements.  You do not have to know how people search and find you to create a successful Facebook Page but it does help to know how to grow your community but that is for another blog.
FB pages provide a more effective online presence and no monthly fees.  Its great all around and will probably replace DIY websites, eventually.

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