Announcements for December 2015

Announcements for December 2015

Re: Holiday 2015 Schedule (Can’t believe its December already!)

Fevi Yu
Date Published: November 12, 2015

We will be closed from December 21 onwards and will reopen in the new year on January 4, 2016. That is a total of 2 weeks. During that time we will have a skeletal crew in place and your URGENT requirements will still be done. What will not be done are any support / maintenance requests. If you have any December website updates that you need completed, kindly send it to us now because we will not have the time to do them on December. If we still have any pending issues with you, kindly follow up with me so we can do it.

Re: Hosting Invoices for 2016

We will be sending out invoices for hosting services for year 2016. Kindly expect it in the next few days. Kindly pay for the hosting invoice before December 11, 2015 so we can allocate our server resources. If you have decided not to host with us for 2016, please note that you have until the last day of December 2015 to migrate your website. If you want us to move it, kindly advise before December 4 so we can schedule it. For clients whose websites have not been updated, kindly note that we cannot continue to host websites that do not have the latest stable secure release as it poses a threat to our server. We will need to update your website before January 2016 for continued service.

Re: Price Increase on Hourly Maintenance Costs 2016

We are increasing our hourly maintenance costs from CI$ 60/hr (US$ 72) to CI$ 70/hr (US$84). Kindly note that we have not raised our maintenance fees in the last 4 years. This new fee will start on January 4, 2016. If you have any website updates and want to save, send them to us now so we can do them before the price increase. We thank you all for trusting us with your website and we look forward to another fruitful year of the Monkey!

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