The Importance of Bullet Points

The Importance of Bullet Points

I receive quite a few emails per day and I have to admit, I dont read them. I browse through them quickly and my eyes shift through the important ones, I reply to them quickly enough and then get on with my day. For people who are still waiting on me to reply, well, please note that I probably never will because I don't like wasting my time so I will not waste yours. I love emails that give me bullet points so I can read through what task is needed to be done. I love short, clear and concise emails that ask me directly instead of making excuses. I love that one of the standards of content writing is to create bullet points within your article to summarize the important points. Its so easy for a users eyes to go directly to bullet points. Why is it important for you to use bullet points? Here are my top reasons:

Fevi Yu
Date Published: February 18, 2014
  • Easy to Read – I’m sure most of you skipped the first two paragraphs and your eyes travelled directly to this section. Yes! Because its easy to read.
  • Easy to Understand – If you can concisely put all your questions/clarifications in bullet point format then you understand what you need to know. The recipient of your email will also see that clarity.
  • Easy to reply to – for every bullet point you put, the recipient of your email can quickly reply to you. It puts things in perspective.

So next time you have questions, please send me an email. I may not be able to reply quickly to it if you send me a novel but if you write it in bullet points then it will be easier for me to get back to you ASAP.

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