Reminders for Maintenance and Support

Reminders for Maintenance and Support

So we have in place a maintenance and support area that we hope our clients are finding useful. I know some of you have commented on how fast we now provide support but alas, the bad news is that not everyone in Cayman gets online support. Some clients still prefer to call and read out a list of changes they want done on their website but we no longer support that. Phone calls are not efficient for of the following reasons:

Fevi Yu
Date Published: February 18, 2014
  1. When you make an unscheduled phone call, we are probably busy doing other things so we won’t be focused on your needs. (Its not like we sit around, twiddle our thumbs and wait for you to call).
  2. Phone calls are disruptive and although you think its “faster” if you communicate via phone call, its actually a waste of our time because first we have to sit down with you then we have to do the work (twice our time is required). As opposed to if we read your email, we could the work right there and then.
  3. Phone calls are an ineffective way of keeping track of tasks you want done on your website. There will be no documentation and you probably won’t remember everything as opposed to if you had sent an email previously, you can keep track and document everything.

So next time you want something updated on your website, please write us an email (or if you have an open workspace, please use it).
As a reminder here are our maintenance links:
For Maintenance //
For Billing please email
For Urgent Tasks email

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