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In a recent study by Constant Contact's Single Platform, it was found that small businesses in the United States do not bother to update their online listings. In fact, almost half of the respondents in the survey say they have never updated their listings online.  Most of them are either too busy or don't really know anything about basic online marketing. Other additional findings include:

Fevi Yu
Date Published: February 5, 2013
  1. Attracting new business/customers is no. 1 challenge
  2. How to Engage with existing customers is no. 2 challenge
  3. Getting referrals is the no. 3 challenge
  4. Small Business is still driven by In Person Interactions
  5. Facebook is the no. 1 tool for SMBs
  6. SMBs need the most help with Social Media Marketing

Is what is keeping our SMBs awake at night attracting new customers? If this is your challenge, I can help you in setting up your online business listings; more importantly, I can train you in how it’s done. Let’s take the mystery out of online marketing and make it work for you!

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