The Worst Website Contest 2019

The Worst Website Contest 2019

To promote our new service, Simply Better Websites, we are launching a Search for The Worst Website!  Simply Better Websites is the first and only package that integrates Technical SEO into a basic web design package.   The results are instantaneous!  Your website gets indexed and categorized correctly by the Search Engines.  Within the first few weeks of re-launching your new website, you will already start receiving quality inquiries.  If you have been frustrated with your website, join the Worst Website Contest 2019 and if you win, we will make sure that you never get disappointed with your website again.

Join The Worst Website Contest 2019

Below are the rules to join the contest

  1. To qualify, this must be your business website — if you are nominating a friend’s website, that is is fine as long as the website owner agrees
  2. You must have your domain information as well as hosting information
  3. Your business must be located in the US or the Caribbean
  4. Here is our definition of ‘The worst website’
    • Website is not User-Friendly — when Users click on the website, they cannot find any information that may help them make a decision
    • Website is not Search Engine Friendly — it cannot be found on Google for its keywords
    • Super slow — the website is slow to load that most people don’t wait and bounce-off
    • No bookings / No reservations / No contact forms have been received from it

Winner of The Worst Website 2019 Wins the following

If you are lucky enough to win The Worst Website Contest 2019, you will be awarded with the following…

  • We will redevelop your website for you at no cost, this will be a Simply Better Website package
  • We will host your new website for you at no cost for the first 12 months

Qualification:  To Qualify, the website must be a business website!  It cannot be a personal website.  The business must be legal and registered in its jurisdiction.  Our goal, for each website project that we build, is to increase revenues.  That is what this contest is going to do for the website owner.  Since we operate in the Caribbean and the US, we have a preference for Businesses located in the Caribbean and the US but if you see a website located somewhere else and deserves a special mention, you are welcome to submit it.

Permission:  If you submit your website, you are giving us permission to post it on our blog and / or Social Media sites as examples.  We promise not to make fun of your websites and only to provide positive feedback that we know will be beneficial.

The Winning entry will have to provide us with the following

  • Company logo
  • All images for the pages of the website
  • All content for the website
  • All graphs / graphics for the website

Submissions close at 5pm on October 11, 2019.  We will announce the winner of the Worst Website 2019, the following week.  We will be able to redevelop the Worst Website and relaunch by January 1, 2020.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] with subject:  Worst Website 2019

To join the contest, please complete the form below

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