Can Keyword Searches determine the outcome of Game of Thrones?

Like everyone else, my obsession for Game of Thrones is peaking because the new season is about to start.  I am both excited and sad about Season 8.  Excited because, I can’t wait to find out who sits on the Iron Throne and the journey to that end.  Sad because, it is the last and final season.

As an SEO Expert, it interesting to me to find out how real life is translated to keyword searches.  In this case, I want to see if keyword searches for characters in Game of Thrones can determine the outcome?  For example:  Is the character with the most searches going to sit on the Iron Throne?

Keyword searches determine the popularity of Character.  During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, I noticed that Donald Trump had 4 or 5 times as many searches as Hilary Clinton.  In that case, search popularity determined the winner.

Without further adieu,  here are the keyword searches on the main characters of Game of Thrones

Top Character Searches for Game of Thrones

I’ve chosen these characters based on the fact that I’ve watched Game of Throne since the very beginning.  Prior to each new season, I have rewatched the prior season so details are not forgotten. These are the main characters of the show or at the very least, the ones who have direct claims to the Iron Throne.

The searches below represent average monthly searches for the last 12 months and I used the Keyword Planner Tool by Google Adwords.  On the left side is the actual keyword and on the right, the number of searches every month averaged over 12 months.

Top 10 Searches for “jon snow”

The searches below exclude searches for “kit harrington.” Includes all searches relating only to “jon snow” and ignoring searches with other GOT Characters

  • jon snow / 673,000 ave monthly searches
  • aegon targaryen / 74,000
  • game of thrones jon snow / 22,200
  •  you know nothing jon snow / 18,100
  • jon snow targaryen / 4,400
  • jon snow got / 4,400
  • jon snow dead / 3,600
  • snow game of thrones / 2,900
  • jon stark / 2,400
  • jon targaryen / 2,400

Top 10 Searches for Jon Snow:  807,400 ave monthly searches

Top 10 Searches for “daenerys”

The searches below exclude searches for “emilia clarke.” Includes searches that relate to the character including her previous titles.  It also ignores searches with other GOT Characters.

  • daenerys targaryen / 368,000
  • khaleesi / 301,000
  • daenerys / 246,000
  • mother of dragons / 40,500
  • game of thrones daenerys / 33,100
  • game of thrones khaleesi / 33,100
  • got daenerys / 6,600
  • game of thrones mother of dragons / 5,400
  • khaleesi dragons / 5,400
  • khaleesi got / 3,600

Top 10 Searches for Daenerys: 1,042,700 ave monthly searches

Jon Snow Vs. Daenerys

It’s important to point out that the top search is actually, “jon snow” and that speaks to his strong “brand.”  Viewers only know him as one thing compared to Daenerys’ many names.  Video shows this example.  Even if Daenerys has total higher average than Jon, her branding isn’t as strong because she has so many titles.

Online Marketing Lesson:  Have one strong brand and don’t confuse your Users with multiple campaigns.

Other Noticeable Character Searches

Below are the other character searches.

  • sansa stark / 246,000
  • arya stark / 246,000
  • tyrion lannister / 201,000
  • cersei lannister / 135,000
  • jaime lannister / 135,000
  • bran stark / 74,000
  • gendry / 33,100

You immediately notice the search disparity between the other characters and the top two.  Its safe to assume that the viewer’s favorites are Jon Snow and Daenerys.  It would be curious to see if, based on searches, Daenerys win’s the Iron Throne.

Personally, if everyone dies, I wouldn’t mind of Lyanna Mormont becomes Queen.

…and with that, I am off to watch the previous season of Game of Thrones!