The Best Website and SEO Deals this Winter, Up to 50% Off

This Winter 2018-19, we are offering the best deals for New Web Design and New SEO Projects. The great news is this: you save money and make money at the same time! The even better news is this: We have a money-back guarantee and if your new website does not rank higher than your old website, we will give you back your money, no questions asked. Thats how confident we are about our ability to increase your Search Engine ranking.

Best Website Savings, 50% Off for Basic Web Design

The Basic Web Design Package was made for businesses that are just getting off the ground. Its $2500 price point was for new business owners that want more than the average website. One that is Visible on the Search Engines as well as User-Friendly. You don’t get that from a DIY website. From now until February 29, 2019, you can get the basic web package for only $1250.00 — how amazing is that? It is the best deal for a new website ever.

An example of a Basic Web Package is — now go to Google and search for “reston children photographer” — we achieved #1 results fairly quickly as thats an easy keyword (very low keyword efficiency index or KEI). With a Basic package, it will be very easy to target keywords with low KEIs. Now search for “reston photographer” — we are #3 and some of our competitors have been online for over 10 years. This is a keyword with a higher KEI and we are still ranking well.

Web Design Savings of 35% Off for Visible and Optimized Web Design Packages.

The Visible and Optimized Web Design Packages are for SMBS who are already making revenue but want to increase online revenues. These are companies that have identified the Internet as their priority in sourcing new clients. They know and understand the power of their websites in closing sales and are willing to invest in their websites.

When we build your Visible or Optimized Website you can be assured of the following:

  • It will be high ranking on the Search Engines (ALL of them)
  • It will be easy for Users to Trust as it will have all the elements that Users expect to see when they visit a Trusted business.
  • It will be easy for Users to find information that they are looking for (Ease of Navigation)
  • It will increase your online-revenue because
  • It will increase your repeat business because Users will find your website easier to use than your competitors
  • With our help, you will better understand how to create Online Campaign Strategies that will make your business a force to reckon with

Example of Visible Website Package : 30% Off

Example of a Visible Website Project: — now go to Google and search for “turks and caicos real estate” — that keyword gets 5,400 monthly searchs and the ERA website is #5 without an SEO Campaign. How much would you make if you were #5 of your keyword? You would probably get 5 inquiries per week at the very least.

Example of Optimized Website Package: 30%

Example of an Optimized Website Project: — now to go Google and search for “grand cayman diving” — that keyword gets 1,300 average monthly searches and it is the highest keyword for the dive industry in the Cayman Islands. The LTD website is #5 for this major keyword without an SEO Campaign. We did an SEO-boost, which isn’t a full fledge campaign. Essentially we made sure that the website is updated on all the latest of Google’s algorithmic requirements.

20% Off on all SEO Packages

Aside from our amazing Winter Web Design Packages, we are also offering a 20% across the board discount on all our SEO Campaigns for Winter 2018 to 19. What a great deal!

To find out how much your SEO Campaign will cost, please contact us. We need information about your website and we will need to do an audit so that we know what we are up against. The campaign is based on the number of hours it will take for us to optimize your website. It is different for each domain, industry and location. There is no “ball park” figures here. We price fairly against the time we need to do our jobs.

If you are interested in any of our amazing Winter Packages. Please get in touch. If you are have started your business, this is a great way to start in a big way and in the right way. Good Luck!