One Easy Way to Increase Search Engine Rank

The easiest and most effective way to increase your search engine rank is to write new content consistently.   For your content to have an impact on your Search Engine Visibility, your website needs to be SEO-Sound, meaning it has to have had technical SEO considerations when it was built.  If your website does not have Technical SEO integration, this might prove futile but the good news is this:  if we built your website then it is Search Engine Friendly and you are good to go!   The easiest and most effective way to increase your Online Visibility is to write new content regularly!

Increase website rank by writing now!

One of the basic things you have to know about Optimization is this:  Google’s crawlers cannot effectively read images or video, granted it does take that type of content into consideration but for competitive Optimization, the crawlers/bots focus on the written word.  They read your headings, your titles and your page content and they summarize what keywords you used the most.

Search Engines also like it when you have new content regularly.  It lets them know that your business is “alive” and that someone is writing / improving content on it.  Think of your website as your display window.  In order for people to know that the business is thriving, you need to change your window display regularly.  Its the same concept.  You need to update your content regularly.

Focus on Keyword Headings to increase website rank

Your first heading needs to target your exact keyword or key phrases that you want to show up for.   For example, this page is number one (#1) for “Cayman Web Design“, which is a search term, notice that the first heading targets the exact search term that I want to show up for:  Cayman web design.   If you look further down you will my second and third headings…. all of them support my first heading.

Having headings also breaks down your content and makes it much easier to read.  So when writing your content, break it down into headings and also, use bulletpoints.  Bullet points make it so much easier for Users to read your content.

Focus on Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) to increase website rank

Anyone can write anything with the internet being accessible to everyone but your content should be written by an Expert in their respective field.  Ensure that their is an Authorship byline on your website so that you can introduce the writer and their background.  Other ways to show your websites expertise:

  • Enough content should be written about the topic so that it satisfies the needs of User
  • The website should have relevant pages that support its expertise, ie.  “About,” “Contact,” etc.
  • The website should have supplementary content to enable clicks
  • The website is designed with Usability in mind and allows Users to find things easily
  • The website is maintained and edited regularly and frequently
  • All content should have a byline with the author’s name, expertise and credibility
  • Ensure your website is Secure and uses Business Verification and HTTPS
  • Ensure that content links to credible resources about the same relevant topics

Focus on engagement to increase website rank

Whenever you write anything your main objective should be this:  Will my audience like or share this article/blog?  If the answer is “Yes!” then thats what you need to write.  When Users engage with your content it lets the Search Engines know that you are writing something thats worth reading.  RankBrain, Google’s AI, now counts the time spent on your website by Users.   It counts the amount of time spent, clicks and bounces.  All this data determines how the Search Engines rank your website.