Two easy ways to Increase Search Engine Rank

Aside from following all the Search Engine Requirements for 2018 and ensuring our website is Medic Compliant, here are two easy ways, although significant in nature, that have helped maintain and in some respects, increase our search engine rank.

  1.  Linking out to trusted, relevant websites — If you take a look at the two previous blogs mentioned above, you will notice that I link out to articles and blogs that are from trusted sources.  These trusted sources are mostly brands in our industry and Google trusts them enough to provide first page and in most cases, top page ranking.   So in your blogs please make sure you link out to trusted and relevant websites from your industry.  I know, I know… around 3 to 5 years ago, my advise was to keep your search engine juice and not to link out and give it away freely.  Now, its the opposite.  Its because the algorithm has evolved so much so and tries to mimic the way Users think and Users will trust your advise if they see that you are linking it to a brand or any website that is recognized as a leader in your space.
  2. Create a by-line profile at the end of each blog —  I was surprised that this was part of 2018’s algorithm requirements.  Now, Im not a stickler for following every rule and every requirement of the Search Engines.  I only follow requirements when it makes sense for my Users and this one didn’t seem to be a big deal.  But after putting a heatmap and looking at the length of time Users stay on the site, I was surprised to see a difference.  Its a very minor difference but it made all the difference and we moved up a few notches on our ranking.  Adding a by-line was actually part of the recommendations for SEO in 2018.

And there you go, two easy ways to help increase/maintain your Search Engine Rank.  If you have any questions, clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch.