How to Maintain and Increase Website Ranking in 2018

This year alone Google has already released a total of 12 algorithmic updates  — these updates are what you need to to your website so that it maintains and increases search engine ranking in 2018, also known as Search Engine Visibility 2018.  The last major update dubbed “medic update” was released on the first week of August.  My previous blog discussed the top three things to be mindful of in building / maintaining your website.   In this blog, I am going to summarize all the standards that Google has required so far in 2018.

Website Standards required by Google since the beginning of 2018

In order to maintain / increase your website ranking in 2018, its a good idea to implement web standards provided by Google.  I won’t be able to discuss all the algorithmic changes that Google has required in the past years but for 2018 here are the things Google has recommended to update / change on your Website so that it is more Search Engine Friendly.

  • Relevance — there was a March, 2018 update and in that update it has been confirmed that this was a Core Algorithm update wherein relevancy was a priority.  Relevancy is the ability of a website to directly satisfy a Search query.   The more relevant a website is will affect its Search Engine Ranking.
  • Zero Result Pages — Sometime March of 2018, Google started showing zero results.  They eventually stopped this test but everyone in the SEO Community agrees that this is a signal of things to come.  Showing zero results was more prolific in Mobile than Desktop so this certainly has to do with Voice Search.   If you are wondering how to prepare your website for the future, just put yourself in a User’s shoes.  How do you search?  What questions do you ask?  And then write relevant answers to those questions.
  • Mobile-First Indexing — Google announced that mobile-first indexing had been rolled out and essentially what that means for your website is that it has to be mobile-friendly.  Websites that are not search engine friendly will inevitably not be as visible prior to this full roll-out of Mobile-First Indexing.
  • April Update — this update has no name but it was confirmed by Google.   This was a broad core algorithm update for pages that were previous under-rewarded.  They also mentioned that if your rankings dipped, there was nothing to do because it wasn’t punishment but your competitors were just rewarded for their websites.  Recovery would take months because you would have to create even better content / landing pages than your competitors.
  • Mobile Speed Update — Google announced this update on their blog.  Speed was always part of the algorithm but it was desktop speed, this algorithm specifically targets mobile speed and performance.  To test your mobile speed, you can use this tool.
  • Chrome Security Update — this update required all websites to get an SSL certificate to make their websites more secure. Without an https, Chrome would display a “website not secure” sign on the browser bar.
  • Medic Udpate — this was discussed previously but essentially, EAT or Expert, Authority and Trust were paramount.

And there you have it, all the algorithms so far in 2018.   The most important algorithmic update, in my opinion, is landing-page relevancy and EAT.  If you can ensure that your web pages addresses searches about your service / industry or product then you should’t have to worry about every single update.

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