New Google Core Algorithm Update 2018

Google has recently made a core algorithm update and its one of the biggest updates they have made. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liason’s Twitter account confirmed this broad update.  They also mentioned that the guidance for the updates is pretty much the same as March…before we get onto the latest, August updates here is a recap of Google’s March updates:

  • The March 2018 update was about increasing relevancy
  • If you site dropped, it wasn’t punishment, it was because Google saw quality in your competitors
  • The March update was focused on quality
  • “Recovery” is harder now and is not overnight and will take months of hard work because you are not just dealing with your own website but the quality of your website must compete and be better than your competitors
  • Unlike previous updates that focused on low-quality content, this broad core update was focused on providing the best possible answers to a search query.
  • Google possibly updates core algorithm twice /day
  • The two areas that Google is focused on are a) understanding User intent and 2) understanding content


“The Medic Update”

Barry Schwartz coined the name, “Medic” for this Algorithm update as it seemed that a majority of sites affected were medical and healthcare in nature.   With that background, here is a snapshot of the latest Google Algorithm Core Update (August 2018) and what it means for your website:

  • This update was broad, global and was a core update meaning every single website, every niche, every country in the world was affected
  • There is nothing anyone can do to “fix” their site but Google has expressed that Website Owners should focus in making great experiences / better content / more useful in their service industry.
  • The algorithm was focused on EAT and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites
  • Marie Haynes summarized that having a Trustworthy website is paramount
  • Very similar to the March update, the Medic update places utmost importance in User Experience

In Summary… at the end of a very long day mastering EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) will help your website rank.  In my experience, here are the top things to pay attention to:

  1.  Links (both internal and external) are still as important if not more so because it gauges a websites Expertise and Authoritativeness based on the number of trusted links pointing to it.  ie. If your website had the NY Times pointing to it, that would help increase your rank because the NY Times has a high level of EAT.
  2. Create credential bubbles on the page so the User knows who wrote the article.  This is specially helpful if the author has years of relevant experience on the topic / subject
  3.  Create amazing User Experience — User experience is the length of time a User stays on your website.  Length of time on a website informs Google that you have created a page that answers the Users query.  If the User bounces off or if your bounce rates are high then thats a signal informing Google that you are not meeting Users intent.

If you have any questions or need further information or if your website ranking has dropped, please get in touch.

Google Algorithm Resources

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