Small Businesses should never stop Marketing

WOWebsites has been in business since 2008.  We have been around for 10 years now because we have never stopped Marketing.  We have personally witness the power of Marketing for our Clients as well.  Those that spent money on Marketing are still alive today and those that did not invest in Marketing have succumbed to the inevitable end of their Small Business.

Here are a list of Marketing Campaigns (with budgets) that could help your staying power!  You can definitely do your own Online Marketing or you can hire us to do it for you.

Remarketing:  Budget $150 /month

You know those annoying Ads that follow you around online.   That’s called “ReMarketing” and yes, sometimes they can be annoying but sometimes it helps to remind Users to book that dive trip or reserve that restaurant.  Sometimes its just branding.  Its a good thing when Users see your Company brand frequently.   You can even track Users while they are on Facebook!

Facebook Marketing:  Budget $150 /month or $5 /day

Facebook has 2 Billion active Users.  It is the largest Social Network today. Everyone and their Moms are on Facebook.  It is such a wasted opportunity not put your brand on it.  But please be smart about it.  Don’t just put anything out, make sure your Users and Customers actually learn something new about your business, product or service.  Put content that shows how you are an expert in your field.

PPC Campaigns: Budget (depends on your Industry but can be low $150/month to high $1500 /month)

A PPC Campaign or Pay-Per-Click Campaign happen on the Search Engines.  Adwords for Google and Bing Ads for Bing.  Create a Campaign that enables your Website to be visible to Users searching for your product or service.  Notice that your strongest competitors will show up organically for those listings.  If your website does not show up on the Search Engines on the first page, this is definitely what we would recommend you start with.  Make sure you target keywords appropriately.  There are tons of tutorials on Youtube for all these suggestions!

Please note that we charge set-up fees and maintenance fees when we create your Online Marketing Campaigns for you.  For the Month of July, we are providing discounts up to 50% for New Clients.  If you are interesting in this promo, please send us an email at

That’s it from us, just a reminder to never stop Marketing!  Your Small business depends on it!