Announcements for March, 2018

1) New Twitter Support: We now have Twitter support for urgent maintenance. All you have to do is tweet @wowebsite on Twitter when you have an urgent issue and we will receive it right away. This is specially helpful if you are on your mobile phone and you are away from your computer. Please note that old support system (email and website) still works.
2) New Accounts Person: Susana Vega will be taking over the Accounts for WoWebsites LLC. Kim’s last day was Feb. 28 and she has started working full time for another company. We wish her all the best! Susana is really good with balancing books and I’m so thankful that she has agreed to do Accounts for WoWebsites. I’m really good at SEO and CRO, not so good with accounts payables and invoice collection, etc.
3) Switching Workspaces: We are switching workspaces from to — our new slack channel is — this will be our new workspaces for new projects. If you currently have an ongoing project with us, please note that we are currently transferring all the content of those workspaces to the new Slack channel. You will get new invites to the Slack channel when we have transferred your content. This should be done by next week, please refrain from updating mavenlink at this point. Please email me for any questions / clarifications.
4) Promo for March: We are running a promo for Facebook Videos. It costs $275 for a 30-second video but for March you will get a 15% discount of the price if you pre-order atleast 6 of the videos. (The Intro discount is over!) More information here:  The amazing thing about the videos is this: it is so effective in garnering likes and shares. We spent a total of $15 boosting the post and it received: 67 likes, 3 comments and 76 SHARES! Thats pretty impressive for only $15. We will also work with you in developing content that users want to share.
Upcoming Reminders:
Please note a few reminders for your website:
1) Renewals for your domain Firewall, Hackguard, Cloudflare and Anti-Virus security plugins is coming up, please note that you will receive invoices but the task will not be completed until invoices have been paid. This added security will protect your website from malicious user-agents. The server is secure but these 4 plugins really help in deterring malicious intruders. If you would like more information about Website Security, please email me.
2) Also, yearly CMS + Plugin updates are coming up in June. Please note that we will send emails prior to this.
Please let me know if you have any questions / clarifications.