Web Development Requirements

Thank you for choosing us to be your website developers.  In order to make the process of building your website more harmonious, we have put together a list of things that we will need from you so that we can start your website and finish it quickly without too much stress.
TL;DR  Provide all the content of your website (text, graphics, logos, color theme, images) in a timely manner and we will get it done as quickly as possible.
You will need to provide the following:

Homepage Requirements

In order for us to quickly build your website homepage we need the following materials:

  • Homepage Banner photos:  When you receive your mavenlink.com workspace invite, one of things you have to provide are your banner photos.  Depending on how many slides (we prefer just one for page speed purposes) please submit it with the title: “homepage banner”
  • Homepage Banner Text:  If you want text on your banner (we recommend having text on your homepage banner, this can be a call to action or your catch-phrase), please provide it with the title: “Homepage Banner text”
  • Homepage Content:  A homepage needs content (minimum of 500 to 700 words since Search Engines like a lot of content and this provides guidance to them on where to categorize your website), please provide this with the title: “Homepage content”
  • Company Logo:  Please provide us your official company logo in high resolution
  • Depending on your homepage design, please provide us photos and content for all the sections of your homepage, please title all the content you provide on mavenlink with where it is supposed to go, ie. homepage, contact page, another page, etc.
  • We do not know your business / product or services like you do so it will be much faster if you let us know where things are supposed to go on the website.  If you are not sure you can always ask and we can meet via skype to discuss all the details.
  • Social Media:  Please provide us the social media URLs or Links of your Company accounts
  • Contact / Physical Address:  Please provides us the physical address of your Company include phone and emails
  • Partner logos:  If you have business partners / community partners that you want to put on your homepage, please provide the company names and logos to us as well.  This is a strategy in gaining trust.
  • Color Theme:  Please provide us with your Company Official Color theme by giving us the actual html colors.  If you used a graphic designer you can get it from them or you can find it here.

Internal Pages Requirements

Depending on your internal pages, please provide us content per page.  By providing titles for everything you upload in the workspace you will make it easier for us to find the page and title.  For example if you are providing content for an internal page called, “Mission” — simply state, “Content for Mission page”

Image Requirement

Please note that image resolutions is not the same as image size.  All images should be shot in high resolution and then resized to the actual published size on the browser.  Except for banner images, all other images (for real estate images, profile images, gallery images) should ideally be 800 x 600 pixels unless your gallery slideshow is bigger at 1024 x 768 pixels.   Your banner images should be provided to us in original size, normally over 4 MB.  You can submit this on Mavenlink in your workspace.

  • Full Banner 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Rotating Banner 1900 x 646  or 950 x 323 will also work
  • Gallery Images 800 x 600 pixels

Content Requirement

We require content (on each page) to be atleast 500 words.  Blogs only have to be 350 words.  Please make sure you provide content that are:

  • not copied from anywhere else
  • not duplicates of your internal content
  • written for users and not search engines
  • providing value to users that it will make them want to like or share your page
  • high quality written articles

Menu Navigation Requirement

Whenever we take on a web project, we help you plot your menu/navigation so that it presents better to both users and Search Engines.  We do this using keyword searches and looking at your industry competitors to see if there is a standard.  When we provide the menu to you, please feel free to change anything you feel isn’t represented properly.  You know your business and industry more than anyone else.

Website Timeframe

We always build websites according to timeframe requirements so it is imperative that we have your content as quickly as possible so we can meet our deadlines.  Should we encounter any delays in receiving content, please note that your timeframe will be affected.  The sooner we receive your content and if we get all your content in time then we will definitely be able to meet your deadline.

Other Requirements / Information

Please note the following when submitting your content:

  • All content must belong to you, your company or brand
  • Please make sure that you use the workspace provided for all website related material submission only.  Please use email (fevi@wowebsites.com) for questions / clarifications not relating to your website
  • Please note that we work 24/7 and we always have someone available for urgent requirements.  Please expect replies to questions within a 24 hours period.

If you have any questions about our development process, please feel free to contact us directly.